Friday, August 7, 2020

Wild Weather

      Today is my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. That is definitely a big deal. Cathy and I have been discussing gift options for at least a month, trying to decide what we could do since we can't hold a big party for them. A big party would be so appropriate for such an important milestone anniversary. Maybe we can do the party next year. Anyway, we settled on some gifts and later on today I will get Cathy on FaceTime and go deliver the stuff to Mom and Dad. The photo below is a non-helpful hint to one of the things we decided on. 
       I got some more cool miniatures in the mail, which I need to photograph and catalog. My Ranchita also arrived, which I am thrilled about. I LOVED my Ranch Mare, but she was too big for my shelf space and I needed to sell her. But now I have a Crouton and a Ranchita and I adore them both. I need to get them painted. And dust my shelves. 
     So a trip to the garden center and good stuff in the mail was about the end of the fun for the day. A wild storm came through and we had to spend some time, out in the storm, trying to keep the tarp from blowing off our roof. It was not fun. The really excellent thing though was that one of our neighbors actually stopped to see if we needed help. And stayed and helped us. I was so boggled by that. Ethan looked up the wind speeds and apparently it peeked at about 47 mph. That was about when we were outside fighting it. Good times. 
     After we got things sort of squared away we went out back and noticed this group of trees down in our neighbor's yard next door. All of the bonsai and all of the flower pots were completely untouched, including the one on the pedestal. But several trees were down. Wind is a weird thing. 
     Those trees also haven't quite finished falling. There is this one vine that seems to be holding them up. I am wondering when, or if, it will snap. The trees won't fall on anything, so mostly it's interesting to see. I really am ready for all of our weather adventures to be done. 
     I decided after our roof adventure it was a good night to have a drink, but we didn't have anything. So I headed to the Pop N Kork, grabbed a gift card for our neighbor as a thank you for his help, and I discovered that a bottle of wine fits perfectly in my cup holder. Who knew?
     I am hoping to have the miniatures sale catalog post, with printable PDF, available within the next couple/few days. I am still hoping that the rest of the items will arrive in time, but I don't know if they will or not. I have A LOT of stuff as it is. It would be nice to have it all though. 
    For anyone that has forgotten, my miniatures sale will be on August 15th at 2:00pm EDT on my Facebook studio page. I will go live and show each of the items and people will be able to claim the ones they want. Very similar to all of my other live sales, with a few differences. It should be a lot of fun!

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Judge's Kits and Repairs

      I don't know what it is, but I have not felt much like working on the miniatures sale lately. Maybe it is because I just did a huge live sale a month ago. Maybe it is because it's hot. And even though I am loving the heat (I am not cold!) it does not always inspire me to work. Plus we are still doing home repairs. I have a lot going on, plus a lot of uncertainty about the upcoming school year. I did finally manage to work on some more miniatures though. 
      I always forget just how many steps there are in making a simple judge's kit. I need to print the judge's sheets and judge tags. I have to cut them all out and measure and cut out the "clipboards". It takes a lot of time. Especially when you are making a whole lot of them. 
      I spent a few hours on them one night and then a few hours doing a bit more on them over the weekend. The beginning stages it seems like you are never going to finish. Though one kit doesn't take an insane amount of time. 
      I did finally finish them up. This time I used little pencils that I bought on ebay instead of making them out of cut off toothpicks like I usually do. I ended up making fewer kits than I planned because I ran out of pencils. I do really like them.
      Remember how my mini shelf had an accident a bit ago. I finally got around to fixing the broken horses. It was not challenging at all to put Jewel's head back on, or my Crouton's tail. 
     It was trickier to fix Tennytoo (do I have his name spelled wrong?), The pegs snapped off at the edge of the base. So I took my teeny tiny drill and drilled out the holes. 
     I held him in place for several minutes to get a decent hold and then bumped him up against the edge of the shelf to finish drying. It took me awhile to get around to it, but I finally fixed my broken micros. And now I broke the jump peg on my UpBidy, or whatever the micro one's name is. Apparently his jump got damaged in the fall. Well, I can drill out a hole in the jump and put in a bit of sculpting wire as a new peg. That should work. 
     We are getting pretty close to the miniatures sale now. It's only a week away! August 15th at 2:00 pm EDT on my Studio Facebook page. I will put the catalog blog out a few days early, with the printable PDF. I think I am close to ready.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Cardshark Photo Edition English Division

      The English Division of Cardshark started with Dressage. Mocha Latte went in with her cropped live show picture. She did not place. 
Bootlegger went in with a photo show pictures and also did not place. 
     Halestorm went into the class of 21 with this cropped live show entry. He got 3rd place. 
     The next division was Hunter/Jumper/Cross country. Bootlegger went in with this photo show entry (that I never loved) and did not place. 
 Halestorm did not place with his cropped live show hunter entry. 
     And Mocha Latte also did not place with her cropped down live show jumper entry. There were 28 entries in the class!
     There were 19 entries in the English Trail-Arena class. Mocha Latte did not place. This is also certainly not the best photo. I have never taken live show photos with the intent to crop them down for online entry. When live shows start up again I might make that effort. 
     Halestorm also did not place. This is also not really the best angle for the photo. I had to crop it a bit tighter than I wanted to get the ribbon out of the pic. 
     Caramel Latte went in with an old photo show photo and also did not place. 
There were 9 entries in English Trail-Natural. Bootlegger got 3rd with his photo show photo. 
     Lilith got 1st with her cropped live show photo. This was from the day I freaked people out by cutting a Braymere bridle to make it fit the horse properly. Not surprising, Jennifer was fine with the modification and said it looked much better. 
There were 22 entries in Huntseat pleasure. Flash in the Sky did not place. 
Caramel Latte did not place. 
     And Halestorm did not place with his slightly blurry photo. Clearly, some live show photos work better than others. 
     There were 17 entries in English Games. Halestorm did not place with her candy race. I have done this setup in much more interesting and elaborate ways, but I did not have any photos of it. 
     Lilith went in with a cropped live show photo as well. This was the Water Gun Relay. It was basically coming up with an interesting way to use a standing pony, with a turned head, and a miniature super soaker. Sometimes these things work out. This entry got 3rd place. 
      Bring the Mayhem went in with the photo I took for the Breyerfest show. He got 2nd place.
   There were 19 entries in the Other English Class. Mocha Latte went in with a versatility entry, cropped from a live show photo, and did not place. 
     I put Lady Liberty in with her therapeutic riding entry (Breyerfest photo) because therapeutic riding is a very important class for me. The little boy doll is my Travis doll and the doll in the green shirt out front is my Elecktra doll. All of the photos used in my reference are Travis from when he was in therapeutic riding. This entry got 6th place. 
    Flash in the Sky went in with an old photo show entry and got 3rd place. 
In the end Lilith got reserve champion in the English division. 
And Caramel Latte got overall reserve performance champion. 
Which won her a saddle set!
Photo by Bethany Shaw

    This was an incredibly fun show and I really enjoyed the live feed where Bethany pulled names for door prizes and read off the champ and reserve champ results. It makes me want to hold an online show. I don't know if I have that kind of time, but I am considering it. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Cardshark Photo Edition Western Performance

          My next division in the Cardshark photo show was Western. My first class was stockwork. There were 21 entries in the class! And there were some pretty amazing entries. My first entry was Flash in the Sky with her cutting entry. 
      Bootlegger also did team penning. 
     And Enchanted Eve went in with a roping entry. All 3 photos were old photo show photos. Bootlegger's photo was the newest of the group. None of them placed. 
       The next class was Reining/Western Dressage. There were 13 entries in the class. Bootlegger got 2nd place with his old photo show photo. 
     And Halestorm got 4th with his cropped down live show photo. 
    The next class was western trail-Arena. I put Caramel Latte in with a cropped down live show photo. 
     And Mocha Latte also went in with a cropped down live show photo. Neither of them placed in the class of 17.
Enchanted Eve got 6th place with her old photo show photo. 
     Next up was Western trail- natural. Enchanted Eve went in with an old photo show photo and did not place in the class of 13.
Caramel Latte got 3rd with her cropped down live show photo. 
    And Bootlegger got 3rd with his old photo show photo. 
    Next was Western Games with a field of 24! Caramel Latte went in with her tennis ball relay photo show photo. She did not place.
     Enchanted Eve went in with her 2 barrels and a pole game and did not place. Also an old photo show photo. 
     Bootlegger and his rescue race came in 3rd. This was another photo show photo.
There were 22 entries in Western Pleasure. Halestorm did not place with his cropped live show entry. 
Neither did Caramel Latte. Also a cropped live show picture. 
Mocha Latte also didn't place. Also a cropped live show photo. 
     The last class in the Western Division was Other Western. Bootlegger went in with this Extreme cowboy entry (photo show pic). He did not place. 
      Halestorm went in with a showmanship entry, a cropped live show photo. He also did not place. 
     Flash in the Sky had a cropped down live show picture and she placed 4th. I still love that I made that super bendy cowboy doll specifically for this entry. He is really good at holding a very bent position. These days he is less good at anything else!

No champs or reserve champs in the western division. The English division is tomorrow.