Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Jennifer show doll spotting in bad performance

     As I said yesterday, I really get a kick out of seeing my dolls out at shows. Whether it is in person or in photos, I just love spotting dolls I have made being used. I love that I make what is basically a toy. Toys should be played with and people should have fun with them. We like to set up the perfect, or close to perfect, class where the doll has proper equitation and the horse is doing exactly what it should be. We aim for a snapshot of the "perfect" real horse show class. But the "Bad Performance" class at The Jennifer Show gave people an opportunity to be incredibly silly and play with their dolls, and horses, in a way that is not usual for model horse shows. But is actually very realistic at times. 
     The Bad Performance classes were what they sound like, horses performing, or behaving, badly. While I was not there I did enjoy doll spotting on Facebook. I really loved this side saddle gone wrong entry. I snagged photos from several different people and several different angles. First I saw this one from Fabian. I definitely could see the issues the side saddle rider was having...
Photo by Fabian Rodriguez 
    but it wasn't until I saw Amanda Brock's photo that I realized the rider on the Victrix has her cell phone out to take a photo or a video!
Photo by Amanda Brock
And then I saw Stephanie Blaylock's photo and realized that the bridle was falling off the side saddle horse! No wonder it was behaving so badly!
photo by Stephanie Blaylock
     I just really like this detail of the other rider taking a video. 
photo by Stephanie Blaylock
    It's not helpful to the rider in trouble but it is very realistic! Plus all of these photos, from many different people and different angles, make me think I should start taking pics of performance entries from different angles. It could be fun. 
photo by Stephanie Blaylock
    From this angle it looks like maybe the doll is just getting ready to make a call. Perhaps she is trying to help after all. 
photo by Andrea Brygidyr

     Bad performance also had horses refusing fences. I'm only about 90% sure I made this doll, but I think I saw it from a different angle (and couldn't remember whose photo it was to go back and ask if I could use it) and I am mostly sure it's one of mine. 
photo by Stephanie Blaylock
     Fence refusal is pretty much tailor made for bad performance. If I am not mistaken, this is Jackie Rossi's horse Polka Par T (boy I hope I spelled that right.) who has done a lot of really interesting performance classes! Jackie is definitely a pro at creative performance set-ups. 
Photo by Jackie Rossi
     And they are really fun from every angle!
Photo by Jackie Rossi
      This poor lady is having trouble with what I think is a trail pattern. I can't see the documentation though. This class is so great because you don't necessarily have to get a doll to behave, it just needs to be on the horse! Though I did also see at least one dressage gone wrong entry with the doll laying on the ground. Bad Performance doesn't have a lot of rules. 
photo by Stephanie Blaylock
     This poor lady looks like she was caught by surprise when her horse leapt over a ground pole. Those poles can be really scary after all. 
Photo by Amanda Brock
      This horse is obviously "kid safe". Good thing she was wearing a helmet. 
photo by Stephanie Blaylock
     I know that this mutton busting entry is not a bad performance entry, but another way to use the doll (and this was what the doll was made for). I am hoping Elaine Lindelef got a bunch of pics of this entry so I can share more about it, and the doll build. 
Photo by Andrea Brygidyr
      The bad performance class was another reason I am a bit sad I didn't get to go to The Jennifer Show. I really do love these creative classes! But I had fun messaging back and forth with Fabian all weekend, stalking Facebook for photos of what everyone was setting up and trying to spot dolls. Even when I don't get to attend, I do love hobby events and getting to see what everyone is doing. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Jennifer Show Doll Spotting

     I've always gotten a kick out of seeing dolls I made out at shows. In person or in photos, there is just something about making something that people get to take out and enjoy that makes me really happy. This past weekend there were a variety of dolls, by many doll makers, out at The Jennifer Show. I did some Facebook stalking to find some of mine and asked I if I could share some. 

     This roadster doll was made this year for Jackie just after Breyerfest. 
photo by Jackie Rossi
     Link was made awhile back and was an entire series of posts. This was Jackie's parade entry. 
photo by Jackie Rossi
    I love that Jackie finds so many ways to use this doll! When I finished she said she would find lots of ways to use him. I should have known she would, Jackie is an incredibly creative performance shower. 
photo by Jackie Rossi

     Fabian loves all things side saddle and often shows entire divisions side saddle. It can be tricky to do. I know I did it at least once, and probably posted about it, but I have no idea where to look for that post. Anyway, Fabian has more than one side saddle doll, but still find multiple uses for the same one. 
photo by Fabian Rodriguez
I think versatility in a doll can be really fun. And often you are only limited by your imagination and ability to find documentation. Also, I adore this entry!

photo by Andrea Brygidyr
     I had a really good time looking through photos and finding dolls I have made. This Arabian rider was sort of recent, but the first doll I ever made was an Arabian rider, so they are always fun for me. 
photo by Andrea Brygidyr
     This western pleasure doll I made years ago, when I was doing a lot with making designs with printed fabric. Maybe I should do some more dolls in this style again. They can be really pretty and super realistic. This was another of Jackie's entries. 
photo by Andrea Brygidyr
     Jackie's showmanship doll was one I made about a 100 years ago. I'm sure not THAT long ago really, but she was definitely from way back. 
photo by Jackie Rossi
     I am about 95% sure I made this hunt seat rider and I know I made the casual rider leading the pony. She was a sales doll for TJS after all!
photo by Jackie Rossi
      Sometimes people let me sort of do whatever I want on a basic idea. Sometimes people have a very specific vision for their doll. Teresa was super specific about all the details for her cross country doll. I love artistic license but it's great that I can usually match what people are really after. It gets easier and easier the more dolls I make. 
photo by Teresa Buzzell
     I also get a huge kick out of photos of dolls hanging out at shows. I didn't make the maid doll (I love her though!) or the western pleasure doll, but the side saddle rider is one of mine. She seems to be having a nice time waiting for her class. 

photo by Andrea Brygidyr

    I didn't actually make either of Barb's driving dolls, but I absolutely LOVE this photo! The dolls are just watching everything that is going on at the show, and they have their little table of refreshments. Pictures like these remind me of the RXR (Region X Regionals) where everyone was playing with my sales dolls. There ended up being some really fun and funny photos from that weekend! There may also be a blog post about that somewhere. I might be wrong though.
photo by Barb Niesley DiAnnibella
     This photo of Liesl Dalpe judging the jumper/cross country class really summed up the level of competition at The Jennifer Show. Not only was that class in particular, but pretty much every entry could have placed well. She looks somewhat stricken by the enormity of her job.
photo by Elaine Lindelef

     So while I didn't get to attend The Jennifer Show, I did have a lot of fun looking at photos and getting to see some of my dolls in action. Maybe at TRXC I will try to get pics of my dolls that are out showing. And maybe I will have to do some fun set-ups on my show table while my dolls are waiting for their classes. 

Monday, September 16, 2019

Fabian is Amazing

      Several months ago Fabian Rodriguez offered to sell dolls for me at The Jennifer Show. I was really excited about that! I knew that going to TJS was not in the cards for me this year, but it would definitely be super cool to have stuff for sale where a lot of the best performance showers around would be gathering. I also think it's a great idea to move things to new locations when you can. I have done a ton of selling online, but until Jackie brought dolls to Breyerfest for me this year, the only way people could buy my dolls in person was at a show in Region X. 
Fabian's table (and Fabian) Photo by Darleen Stoddard
         Fabian sent me a couple of pictures of his table in the morning. I had to wait until mid-morning my time to get these. The time difference was super messing with me!
Photo by Fabian Rodriguez
     I kind of feel bad about all the space my stuff is taking up. But it looks fantastic! I didn't send all the horse boots to Kentucky, but when I mentioned them to Fabian he said I should send them. And they fit in the box so I did. I wonder if I should have sent doll stands. Though laid out dolls are easy to look at. 
Photo by Fabian Rodriguez
      I asked Fabian on Friday if he could send me pictures from TJS. Pictures of dolls, of people, of people with dolls. My FOMO and I need a bit of TJS to help survive the sadness of not being at the show. And Fabian delivered. I got doll photos and on Saturday morning I got some photos of people with their new dolls. 
Erica Ferguson and Andrea Brygidyr with their new dolls. 
      Even more than just having pics of people with their new dolls I got to see a piece of the joy of being at that show. It also made me realize that I really need to go outside of Region X and meet some new people. These days with all the new showers I don't even know all of the people in Region X (which is so weird!) but when I see photos from Breyerfest, from shows in other parts of the country, I realize I only know the tiniest fraction of the people in our amazing hobby. I definitely need to get out more. 
Beth Elliot and her new driving doll
     I didn't get to go to The Jennifer Show but my dolls did. Thank you Fabian for offering to sell dolls for me, it was an incredibly generous offer. Having a show/sale to prep for helps me to focus and stay productive, even when I am tired and unmotivated. So in a way Fabian also helped me with the rough time that is back-to-school and adjusting to waking up at dark O'clock. When I get the dolls back I may do a post offering them for sale, and I may just save them for TRXC, which is the next big thing I am prepping for. It's good to have focus. 
     It's interesting to note that Fabian and I have never officially met. He and I have become good friends over the years exclusively through texts and facebook messages. The first time I ever spoke to him face-to-face was for a few minutes during Breyerfest. He was hanging out with Heather and sent me pictures of the doll drawer, the line of people waiting to see dolls (I teared up a bit at that!) and an amazing picture of himself with a couple of the dolls. I facetimed him and we had our first chat with words. Some day I am going manage to get to Colorado and meet Fabian in person. And I definitely need a hug. 

Sunday, September 15, 2019

The Trifecta of Healthy Brain Function

     I learn some really interesting things in Anatomy and Physiology. Other than just the basic class material. Meditation, exercise and journaling are the trifecta of activities needed for healthy brain function. We actually meditate for 2 minutes at the start of every A&P class. Next week we are going to three minutes. I really love working in that class. Exercise is something I am lacking in a bit. I do walk all over the school, but I need to make a bit more effort. It's just a good idea. But when I heard about all this I was thinking that in some ways, my blog is like journaling. I share things I am working on, recipes, my opinion on certain recipes and so on, things in my life and on and on. Journaling helps get things out of your brain, to make more space. Maybe this is why I am finding I am more efficient lately. Making sure to do a blog post every day, helps me to be a bit more organized. To use my time more wisely.
       Yesterday was the first day of The Jennifer Show. Facebook was suspiciously quiet so I didn't have as much idea of what was going on as at a lot of other shows. I do know the jumper/cross country had 35 entries! I told Liesl I would bring her wine and chocolate when she gets home. 
     Anyway, to work on parts of my healthy brain function I stopped staring at the TV and Travis and I went out. I really wanted to go buy eye shadow so we headed out to Holyoke while I debated going to Ulta or Sephora. I settled on Sephora because there are two of them in the mall and a Target and I needed a couple of other things that I could get at Target. I figured if Sephora didn't have what I wanted I could hit Ulta on the way back home. 
     So Travis and I walked around the mall a bit (exercise) and after awhile I sat in a chair in Sephora and closed my eyes (meditation) so the really amazing saleswoman could do an eye look with several colors of Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadow. I taught her my trick to do the eyeliner wing and she was excited. She seemed to be having a lot of fun "painting" so I just let her keep on going. She put at least 4 different colors of eyeshadow on me, I tried a new mascara, which is really good but not as good as the Urban Decay Perversion that I usually use, and she did my brows, which I have never bothered to do but she did such a good job I forgot she did them! After some retail therapy (I bought a bunch of stuff, lol) Travis asked to go to Round 1. So we went to the arcade. I said we only had time to play a few games today, so he picked all his favorites and then we went home. Apparently today was more about Mom. 
In case you can't quite see it my shirt says "in my defense, I was left unsupervised."
     So this is not so much a recipe as a neat trick and something I really enjoy that I can still eat on a low carb diet. I really love tacos. We can't eat tacos because the shells (or more correctly tortillas because I don't like hard tacos) are too carb laden. So these days the closest I can get is taco salad. Which is still amazing. However every single commercially produced packet of taco seasoning contains MSG. At least all the ones I have read the label on. Which is all the ones I can get locally. And we try not to eat MSG. So I have been making my own taco seasoning. I don't measure things, because I rarely measure things, I just mixed cumin, chili powder (in about equal amounts or a bit more chili powder), less garlic powder, a bit of black pepper and some salt. I sometimes also add chipotle pepper and yesterday I used some onion powder. There are definitely other ways to make taco seasoning, but that is roughly how I do it. And it's good. I also use it on pork and chicken somethings. 
    So anyway, the neat trick is to put all your ingredients into a container, I have this tall one that is from Ziplock and has about a 3 and a half cup capacity, twist on the cap and shake it up. Remember when McDonald's had those salad shakers? I don't think they do anymore, but shaking your salad is a really easy way to get good dressing distribution. Or to properly mix your taco salad. I like it because I don't throw as much on the floor trying to mix it. 
       I'm about done with the blog post for today (journaling) so I probably have a very healthy brain. I should exercise more I'm sure, but at least I do get some. And even a bit of meditation, which we do daily (at school) is better than none. So everybody get out there and take a walk or go to the gym, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing for a couple of minutes and write down some thoughts. Your brain will thank you for it. 

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Cool New Fabric and Pat's Doll

     I ordered some more custom printed fabric from Spoonflower and it finally came in the other day. I super love these! The really fun part for me is they are all stretch material. So my plan is to turn all of these into really cool breeches. I know people have noted the lack of purple fabrics in my fabric collection, so I made sure to order a purple one. I really want to get these all turned into breeches. Would it be weird if I owned 5 casual English dolls just so I could have breeches in each color?
     I finally got to work some more on Pat's doll that I have owed her since Breyerfest. When people are awesome enough to trade you cool stuff that can only be gotten at Breyerfest, and you can't attend yourself to buy it yourself, it's good not to leave them hanging for too long. I left Ethan a note to leave the dremel out for me, but he forgot. I get it, mornings are hard and I forget stuff all the time (even with all my notes, lol!) so I thought I would have to wait another day to finish the doll. There is a special bit of customization in the upper body of the doll but I needed to also dremel the legs. OR I could just switch out the un-customized legs for some already prepped Gracie legs. No one can see the legs under the breeches and boots anyway. 
     So even though I had some setbacks with this doll I did finally get her finished. It was actually kind of fun to make an upper level dressage doll that is exactly the same as most others but so very different at the same time. Changing the color of something can be really enjoyable. 
     Since my custom fabric came in I have a horseball rider to make. And I have to cut up a youth doll and put her back together again. I didn't have the dremel, so that didn't happen. But I have time. Wait, I might not have youth dolls. I should check on that. 

Friday, September 13, 2019

Dolls for The Jennifer Show

      On Monday I shipped a big box of dolls to Fabian and yesterday they made it to Colorado. I was relieved as shipping that much inventory makes me really nervous. But he has the dolls and tomorrow is the first day of The Jennifer Show! I am really excited even though I can't be there. Here is a mostly wordless preview of what will be available.
driving doll
saddle seat doll

saddle seat doll
dirty cowboy (blue shirt) and cowboy (brown shirt)

casual/working western

casual/working western and gaming doll

showmanship doll

Rainbow and turquoise and silver western pleasure dolls. 

Black and white and pink and black western pleasure dolls

Aqua and tan western pleasure. 

tie dye casual English, peacock western pleasure and purple and teal casual English. 

English youth doll

cross country doll

lower level dressage/jumper doll

side saddle doll

bendy neck hunt seat dolls. 

    So there are English dolls, Western dolls and some other types of dolls as well. I tried to send a bit of everything. In all I sent 23 dolls, 2 cross country kits, a pair of mens chinks, 2 pairs of ladies chaps, 10 saddle pads, 52 pairs of horse boots in several styles/sizes and 11 judges kits. 
     I'm sad that I can't be at the show in person but I am really grateful that Fabian offered to sell things for me. I hope everyone can find something they love. Happy shopping and happy showing!