Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend show report (CM division)

Yesterday I posted my show report for the New England Performance Challenge OF division. Today I have photos from the CM division. I didn't do anything super amazing in CM but I managed to get more photos than of the OF division so it's worth sharing. The competition was fierce for the entire show and it was said more than once that any placing at all was good. So here are some photos of mostly all-new entries. First we have my newly finished Hazel resin Regal Lady. She was sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn and painted by Jill Ennis. The tack is made by Anna Suna and I made the doll (and borrowed it from my friend Joan to do the class, lol). This entry got 5th which wasn't horrible considering some of the drool worthy entries on the table.
Next was Regal Lady in her other English performance class. I decided to do a game set-up and we did jumping figure 8's. I think it is normally a western game but I made some cool documentation for this class so I thought I would try it. The judge thought it was worth 6th place. Next is my Chip resin, Spin A Chip, sculpted by Lori Daniels and painted (and named) by Jessica Fry. His lovely new tack is made by Pam Perkins and the saddle pad was made by Elise Partanen. The wear leathers were also by Pam Perkins. I have no idea who made the boots and I made the doll. I know this guy can be an awesome performance horse but I have not done outstanding with him just yet. Though this cutting entry got 3rd place.
Next is my Native American costume entry on. This is Poker Face who is a Smokin' Hot Chic resin sculpted by Sheri Rhodes. He was customized and painted by Corrie McDermott. I made the costume. I got 5th place with it (3rd in OF) which isn't horrible considering some of the amazing Native American regalia that is in the region.
Poker Face also did showmanship since I love showmanship. She is wearing a halter made by me and I made her doll as well. Poker Face managed second in her showmanship class.
Next is a new...everything. This is Merlot who is a Knightly Cadence resin sculpted by Carol Williams and painted by Liesl Dalpe. My original Cadence painted by Liesl jumped off the shelf and broke so this is the second one she painted for me. His tack is made by Pam Perkins and his doll, reins and matching saddle pad were made by me. I didn't think too much on the coloring I just made this doll, liked it a lot and decided it would go on Merlot. And when I put it all together I thought it was just lovely. They are doing a rescue race which I also have new documentation for. They managed second place with this entry!
Then there was chip doing the tennis ball relay. Not as often done as egg and spoon but a similar idea. This one was only good for 5th but you can see that I planned to use this doll on this horse because everything finally matches.My other western entry with Merlot was a western riding entry which was good for 3rd place. Not bad really.
Then Merlot tried natural western trail but the bit slipped and the judge said she would have liked the trail pad a little longer. My reply was that I would too, lol. So they ended up with 6th place.
Chips arena western trail entry wasn't a judge favorite. He got 9th place with this one. Though I did get to use my other new western pleasure doll (who I got the blue and black saddle pad to match) and it was interesting. This set-up really only works well in photo showing where it looks like the horse is side passing if you take the picture from the right angle. In live showing of course you can look at his back legs and see he is turning on his haunches. Oh well, I got to use my doll.Merlot didn't place in arena trail at all because I goofed and didn't realize the he is on the wrong lead according to what the pattern says. I am also not good at figuring out what lead a model horse is on. I guess that is the next thing I need to study. I did enjoy how very matchy-matchy this whole set-up ended up. And the pink colored "X" I chose (to mark the my entry was done being tweeked) was also chosen to match the entry, lol.My last photo was of Chip in Western pleasure. I think he may have done better if I had given him a card saying he was turing on the rail to change direction. I am not sure really. Merlot had a couple of 2nd's and got into the call backs but didn't win anything but the new set-up looks really good and I think with some work I can have them winning championships next year! For now I guess I will find some good days to go outside and work on some photo show photos to keep me entertained over the winter.

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