Sunday, January 23, 2011

Repair day (finally)!

I learned several years ago that almost anything can be fixed on a broken model horse. And that is a good thing because my resins seem to enjoy seeing if they can fly. They soon discover that they can't. The last batch of jumpers was from late Spring or early Summer of last year. My Matriarch lost her ear and got some unfixable rubs (blue roan with a GIANT hip rub...start over, lol). I finally decided to strip her and reprep her. Miraculously I did find her ear but then knocked if off while I was scrubbing her and I think it went down the drain in the tub. So she got her ear resculpted and I was working on fully reprepping her.
My Summer Soltice broke her leg and her tail as well as got a few scratches in her very pretty dappled paint job. *sigh* well I can fix most things but I am not a painter. So I fixed up Summer Solstice and sent her to my friend Corrie McDermott who is an excellent painter and very good at matching paint. One down.
Ravishing Ronald broke his leg, his tail and chipped part of his mane. I have been working on Ronald for awhile but found out he was very tippy. He may have been the instigator of the last jump. So I heated up his leg to try to get him to stand a bit better and cracked all the new epoxy. Really, I should have seen that coming. So I scraped that all off, straightened his leg, put on new epoxy and made him some little hoof stands. He is very stable now. Today he was getting some more work done on his leg and tail repair. I think I can handle his paint as well since his breaks are all in black areas. I might have to try to match the bay because the newest repairs have creeped a bit farther up his leg. Oops. Hopefully I can handle that.
The Maximus resin in the back of the photo (laying down on the gun case) came to me broken. I got an excellent trade deal on him because his tail was broken. Well I saw the photos and it looks like a super easy fix. And it would have been if I hadn't had another oops moment, lol. So I pulled the tail apart and drilled some holes to put in a new wire (which is a good idea anyway) and finally got some epoxy on it as well. Maximus came with a very pretty wooden stand. Too bad his foot pegs didn't actually fit in the holes. So I decided he would get epoxy foot stands as well. It might not work as well as it did with Ravishing Ronald since his legs are all much closer together and only one is actually flat on the ground. So his foot stands are drying and I will check his balance when they are done. Either it will work or it won't. If it does, yay! If it doesn't I might glue him (with his little foot stands) to his wood base. Which will make his legs more likely to break if he gets jostled so that will be the last resort.
The other problem I am having is the paint on Maximus. It's just chestnut and his break is just on the base of his tail so I should be able to handle the touch-ups. Just as long as I know where to start. I am pretty good at mixing paint for a match if I know what to start with for base colors. Any help from painters would be very much appreciated.
The last horse on the table for today is Sugar. I got Sugar as a second and said I would never do that again (and yet I still traded for a horse I knew was broken so I could fix it, lol). Sugar was a big mess when I got her and has been an ongoing project of mine. I fully intend to paint her from start to finish once she is finally done. She is getting close so now I have to pick a color and hope I don't screw up too badly. Anyone want to suggest a color that is not too complex for a super new painter?

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