Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chooseing a Versatile Performance Horse; Part 2

As promised here is part 2 of choosing a versatile performance horse. I took all of these photos at Factory Ponies Live held last April in Spencer, MA. It's an all OF show and it was full of fantastic entries. Today I will focus on entries from my friend Marci Driscoll (one of the first people to help teach me how to performance show successfully). Marci gave me permission to talk about her entries and all results were pulled from the official show results on regionxnation.com.
This first photo was (I believe) Other Stockwork. At a guess I would say it was a team penning entry. I am not positive about that. The horse is David's Gift, I am not sure on the tack and I made the doll. This entry was third. 
This next photo showing David's gift again doing a roping entry. They recieved first place.
Next was David's gift in Other Western doing a western riding pattern. The doll was made by Joan Yount. This entry placed 7th in the class. (Marci made the cool birch pole!)
Next was David's Gift doing a fishing game which was good for third place. A trotting model like this Stage Mom is great for any number of games.
David's Gift was first in Western Pleasure out of 16 entries! I believe I missed photos of some of the classes. David's Gift recieved champion in the western division.
This is Afternoon Tea also owned by Marci Driscoll. This was a very cool cross country entry in a huge class. The diorama was made by Marci and everyone felt the need to touch the "water". The entry was fourth place.
The next class was Hunter Jumper. This is the amazing jump that Marci made! (she made me a similar one in trade!) and it has birch poles for jumper classes. It's a stunning jump. The horse is again Afternoon Tea and I believe I made the doll. They recieved second place.
Next Afternoon Tea tried the fishing game in English games. They recieved first place in a large class.
Here are some more of those wonderful birch poles in English trail arena. Afternoon Tea was placed second in this class.
This was Afternoon Tea competing in the Other English class (I can't remember exactly what they were doing). Helped by David's Gift. It's another use of Marci's beatiful diorama. I made both of the dolls. This entry placed 5th
Afternoon Tea with a dressage entry.
And third in Hunt Seat Pleasure. Overall English Reserve champion.
I realize there are not all that many words in this post but everyone likes photos. It's also a very good look at just how versatile this horse can be. I have started using an OF CG Valentine for some OF performance showing and have done well in English, Western and the Other performance divisions as well. I have only done a bit with her in live shows and more in photo shows. She is a very versatile performance horse who can do just about anything and does most things very well. She's a really great choice if you want to work towards a NAMHSA Performance Versatility award, if you want to limit your show string or if you just love the mold. And Marci is a very talented shower with some great ideas.
What it comes down to when choosing a performance horse is think about the classes in a class list and then think if there is a realistic way you can put your horse in those classes. Some horses are really only suited for a couple of classes at most and some are just OK at a whole bunch of classes. Be creative, think about what you like and practice, practice, practice.


timaru star ii said...

Another superb entry, Thank you Anne! Just about anything? This is the first time I've considered the mold for parade... she just might do it!

Field of Dolls Studio said...

I have used my Strapless model in parade. I think the Stage Mom would be even better!

Marci said...

Thanks Anne for featuring my set-ups! Both of the cow work entries are different parts of Versatility Ranch Horse, and the scene with the english and western riders is Hunter Pace that allows mixed-style teams. LOL, looking at the photos made me see all of my mistakes!

Marci said...

If I had a parade saddle I would totally have my Stage Mom's in parade!

Field of Dolls Studio said...

Thanks for clearing those entries up for me Marci. I pulled photos out of my files and placings (and names) out of the results. Thanks for letting me feature your set-ups!

Braymere said...

My Stage Mom has a NAN card in parade. Granted, I she won it in a two horse class, but she looked pretty nifty even if I do say so myself!