Saturday, March 2, 2013

New horses

With all the excitement about Jennifer's blog contest, doing posts about performance horses and working on dolls I seem to be missing out on something really important about my blog.
It's supposed to be about dolls.
I think I missed that memo. I realize I do sometimes write about dolls and I mention dolls (and tack makers and sculptors and painters) in posts. I promise, there will be more doll posts soon. I was actually thinking of doing some about using dolls. Crazy right? Some people are scared of dolls (and not because some dolls are super creepy) and I want to share some visual tips for using dolls and using them well. I have the photos somewhere as I think I have written about this for something in the past...those posts will be coming soon.
But since I have actually been working on getting dolls finished lately I don't have time to search out pics just yet. So I will share some new horses!
This little sweet mare was something I picked up as a raw casting a LONG time ago. I don't know who she is or who sculpted her. I do know that she was a nasty mess when I got her and she took a lot of prepping. I can prep very well but I am really burnt out on it so she got worked on and put away. And then worked on and then put away. Over and over for awhile. I started painting her and then decided to strip her. But awhile back I worked out a trade with Alicia Miller. Part of the trade was for Alicia to paint this little mare for me. I said she could paint her any color she wanted except for rabicano because I hate that color. And this is what I got :)
So this is Sweety Pie (which I find funny because she looks so cranky!) She will be shown as a Pottok horse. I didn't come up with the breed, I am not good at that.
The other part of the trade with Alica was this Rose Reiner. Alicia had taken him off his base (and did an awesome job!) done a bit of work on his mane and most of the prepping. And then as happens to a lot of us she lost interest, I had something she wanted and I got him. I sent him off to Meghann (Hoscheid) Lorei for painting. Meghann really brought him to life and I am thrilled with him as well. And I realize yet again that painting is not one of my talents. Perhaps if I had time to practice day and night for many years I could reach the level of these two talented artists. Or maybe not.
This is Bootlegger and he will be shown as a Quarter Horse. And shown HEAVILY in performance just as soon as there is a show :)

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