Sunday, June 13, 2010

Interesting dolls, no good photo options

I have had some interesting dolls to work on recently. We have also had a lot of rain and I really don't have a place to get good indoor photos. But the dolls are still nice to look at. This first pair is a 19th century pair to drive a sleigh. I don't have a sleigh so they are driving a Mary Kay microdermabrasion set. Hey, whatever is close at hand will have to do at times.

Then I have this lovely fancy driving groom. I got super detailed reference material for him (front and back) so all I had to do was not screw up. His "mom" seems happy with him so I guess I did a good job. This is the first in the series of "in front of the microwave" photos. I am hoping for some really great actual shots of this guy.

Then I had an easier doll. This is a pretty showmanship doll where I pretty much got to do whatever I wanted with some very basic direction. I really like how this doll came out. I wish the sun would come out so I could get some nice outside photos. The bling really picked up the light.

There was another doll I did recently that was interesting but it is a secret project so I won't post any photos until after NAN. It's a little unfortunate because I did actually get some really good outdoor pictures of that one. But I have lots of things I have been working on so I will work on posting those. Though a couple of weeks ago I made three nearly identical hunt seat dolls. That would not make for a very interesting post ☺

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Jennie Schumann said...

I am looking for a sleigh driver to fit an antique metal sleigh. The doll would need to be about 5 inches tall with legs that bend. Do you have anything like this?