Sunday, July 11, 2010

July dolls so far

Quite a lot of July has been horribly hot so far. And we don't have AC. I have been spending time trying to find ways to stay cool. So not a whole lot has been getting done so far this month. But something had to get done eventually, I have bills to pay and trades to complete. So here are a few dolls that have come out of the studio this month.
First is this casual cowgirl. She's pretty but there is no bling so she wasn't overly taxing (and tiny crystals stick to everything in the humidity).

With her in the same order was this little youth doll. She is wearing half chaps (easier to see in person or different photos) not ugly boots. I was told that pony club rules state half chaps must be grain-out. You learn something new every day. I think these two dolls are off to compete in the Breyerfest open show.

Next was this casual English rider doll for Jennifer. We were working out our trade for awhile and I am happy to have her dolls finished. I always feel bad when I owe people work- especially when I already have their end of the trade (the lovely saddle this doll is riding on was my trade set)

The other part of this tack/doll trade was this judge. He also has a western hat and a little clipboard and pencil (not shown). I think judges are wonderful dolls and can really add a lot to your set-ups.

So I have not been taxing myself much with doll work but the kids are out of school which makes things a bit harder as well. I am thinking about making a cowboy today or at least getting him started. Then there are a bunch of English dolls in my future. Hopefully I can get them done soon. I also have a "Travis" doll in the works for myself. He's coming along nicely I think ☺

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