Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My "Travis" doll

I finally finished! I have been working on my "Travis" doll to use in my therapeutic riding set-ups and he is finally done. Now I need to wonder again, why do youth dolls have such big boobs? The one I used was a very small child and the boobs were adult sized! That is part of the reason finishing has taken so long, I just didn't feel like getting out the dremmel and sanding bits of dolls. This morning I had several dolls that needed to be altered so it was the time. So after I dremmeled the boobs off the little doll I wrapped the chest with flesh colored medical tape (there were some small holes where the boobs used to be) and then I finished dressing him. The clothes and head have been ready for awhile. I cheated and used cut down Breyer hunt seat boots. But they actually look pretty good I think. I got some quick in front of the microwave photos but sooner or later I will get some with the doll in the set-up. But I don't want to get out the proper gear, the other dolls for leader and sidewalker...later. The doll didn't need to be the most perfect rider as most judges don't expect the therapeutic riders to be all that good. But he rides pretty nicely just like the real Travis. He also has breeches, short boots and no garter straps, just like the real Travis, lol. So I am looking forward to my next show when I can send him out in the world and see how he does.

The doll has a few differences of course. I needed to make a long sleeved shirt to hide the arm surgery that was necessary. But I like how the doll came out. Though I just realized I need to make a show number. That shouldn't take long. And then he will be all set for the shows!

There was a question asked in the Model Horse Performance magazine about what to use a Yummi resin for for performance and someone suggested as a therepeutic riding horse. It went on to say that you could do several classes that way. I wonder if I should try putting therapeutic trail in a trail class. Pleasure in a pleasure class. I could do just plain therapeutic riding as a lesson (though the show number would have to come off). I don't know if that would work out well. I have a good collection of reference now, lol. Any comments or thoughts are welcome.

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Sian said...

He looks great!