Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Weird Things About Time

      Have you ever had one of those times when someone asked you a question and you knew what they were talking about but were a bit confused on a nuance of what they asked/said? I started posting ads on Instagram and my Facebook studio page, for my live sale (which is next Sunday 7/5 at 2:00pm eastern time). I should start just putting eastern time in all of my ads I make. Someone asked on one of the ads (that said EST) if it was in standard time even though it's currently daylight savings time. My long answer was Google "what time is it in Massachusetts" because that will give you the time difference no matter where you are (Google almost ALWAYS has the answer). But then I got to thinking. How did I get to be 41 years old and never realize the acronym EST (eastern standard time) was only used part of the year? Really, how did that happen? So I did what I almost always do when I have a weird question, I Googled it. 

      And Google told me what I already knew (that we are in daylight savings time) and what I did not know (that the acronym was different... which is obvious at this point). And I then changed all of the rest of my ads and contacted Heather so my ad on Mares and Black is not potentially confusing to people. It's funny to me the amount of random crap that I know and the little things that just never occured to me. 
      On another note, have you ever stood in the pouring rain being paralyzed with fear and simultaneously mad at yourself for that fear? It happened to me. On Saturday the week of rain started and we quickly discovered that we needed to put an extra large tarp over the roof. It would have gone much faster, and potentially smoother, with 2 people. I could not get on the roof. And I knew IF I managed to get up there, I would not be able to get down. So I stood in the pouring rain being mad at myself. I'm not afraid of all that much, at least not very afraid, but the heights thing is so bad. I did manage to go up and down the ladder, barefoot in the rain, totally fearless (and sort of fast) but I could not go those last few rungs and actually get on the roof. Grr. 
     Anyway, my live sale is coming up very soon and I am doing my usual, should I make more things or should I take the break. Taking a break is pretty foreign to me. I did start going through the miniatures that I ordered for my miniatures sale and looking up what I paid for everything and starting to make a list with pricing. Turns out I already have a pretty good variety of things to offer! I have a few more things on the way, I do want to make some stuff, and while I was looking up prices I ordered some more. It is entirely likely the new orders will NOT make it here in time for the sale. In which case I will just have to offer them at my next sale. I should start thinking of when I want that to be. 

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