Thursday, August 19, 2010

200th doll!

I got the idea that since this was the 200th doll I should document part of the process. Unfortunately I got the idea when I was already partially done with the doll. There were some interesting parts before this stage such as the gluing of the pink leopard print pieces to the black fabric so nothing would shift around while I was sewing. I have never done that before but I don't do a lot of 2 toned tops. This is right after it is sewn into a top and I am checking the fit on the doll. There are much uglier stages of doll making and maybe one of these days I will document them. But today is not that day. The next stage I got a picture of was the mostly-finished-clothing stage. I had her top hemmed, the front closed, cuffs and collar put and and of course, crystals. Crystals are very important to a lot of western outfits. I think this one is coming along very well. I little bit of an extra push to get her done last night and she was ready for her photo shoot this morning...
...and even has a head now. And a name as well. This is Jenny. Partly because the last doll's name is Penny and it amuses me. Jenny is the second in my 1980s inspired western doll line. She may also be the last, it's hard to tell. But I had some extra pink leopard print fabric and I didn't want it to go to waste. Jenny has an interesting 2-tone design to her top. Some of that was because I didn't have enough fabric left to do the full top in pink leopard print. Some of it was because I goofed when I cut one of the front panels. And some of it was because I wanted it to look different. There are a lot of pieces to the design process.

The crystals that are lined up between the pink leopard and the black fabric has 2 purposes. The first is because it looks nice and I like it. The second is because there was an unfinished edge to the leopard print and silk will fray if left alone. Then the crystals outlining the collar and cuffs is just for decoration. Ultra suede is a wonderful fabric that won't fray. If only all fabric was so well behaved.
So Jenny is done, signed, dated, numbered and photographed. She is also for sale on MH$P . I was trying to think up a sale to celebrate my 200th doll but so far I haven't come up with anything I really like. I am willing to take suggestions in the comments section.

So now that this doll is done and I have made 200 dolls I will just keep going. I have another doll in the works for today and more plans for tomorrow. One of these days I will take a day off but right now I am in a dolling mood. So there could be more details of my crazy doll work in the days to come.

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