Monday, August 23, 2010

More dolls

No hunt seat dolls and no western dolls for me this weekend. Saturday morning I finished up this stern judge doll. He takes his job very seriously, though he is fair as well ☺
The little judges kit included with his is simple but it works. I took cardstock and glued on a shrunken down real judges sheets and drew a line across the top with a silver paint pen. A toothpick cut down with the flat end colored pink and the pointed end painted black makes a very serviceable pencil. Jake is all ready to work and is for sale on MH$P.Then yesterday I decided to make someone a little more fancy. This is Deena. She is a lovely saddle seat rider and is ready to win. Often I will just do the gloves in either black or white (and the same for the hat) but this time I thought matching would be more fun. I think the paint I mixed came out pretty close in color. The vest and lining of the coat are sparkly pink. Sort of hard to see in the photos but pretty cool in person. Deena is also for sale on MH$P.Those are the doll updates for today. I need some ideas of what kind of doll to make next. I am open to suggestion.

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