Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pink and White Dolls

This week seems to be pink and white doll week. If I had gotten more done maybe I wouldn't have a theme but since I have only gotten through these 2 dolls, I have a theme. Not that I mind, they were fun dolls to make. Especially after the large quantity of English dolls I have been making recently (and more to come in the next order). This first doll was actually mostly designed by my husband. Ethan is firmly rooted in the 1980s and will probably stay there as long as he can. He has joined us in this decade a little bit but not completely. About a month ago he did a tattoo that was a star (very popular tattoo design right now) filled in with pink leopard print.
He told me I should make a doll with the same print and white leather (not suede) chaps. So I did. I think he thought it was a challenge and I wouldn't be able to get tiny pink leopard print. So I made some. This is penny. Ethan named her (I made him do it) and she is at the moment listed for sale on MH$P. If she doesn't sell I will keep her and happily show her. She entertains me.

Ethan had input into the hairstyle as well and OKed the matching pink leopard print hatband. That amuses me as well, though that isn't saying much, I am easily amused.

The other doll I managed to get done this week is this lovely pink and white showmanship doll. Showmanship dolls don't make for very interesting photos without horses and leads to hold (which I didn't want to dig out) so there is only just this one photo of her. She is VERY sparkly in the right kind of light but has a fairly simple design which is desirable in the show ring right now. I have plans to make a very fancy western pleasure doll soon (probably not in pink and white) which isn't the "in" thing in the show ring at the moment but is always fun to make and look at. At least if you like things that sparkle.
I actually got these dolls done in a pretty short amount of time but have been so busy this week I couldn't get the time in to work. My sister is home from North Carolina for the week so I wanted to spend some time with her and of course the kids are still home from school. I should probably see if I can find out when school starts again. We should at least have a few more weeks to hang out and play all day.

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Misa said...

i love penny! good work, ethan!