Friday, August 20, 2010

retro western week continues

My retro western doll making continues. This outfit has more of a 1970s look to it, but retro is in right now. The 80s are coming back full force (which scares me) but 70s can work I think. This is Peggy. Peggy is part of my not-so-secret plan. Plan? What plan? Last year, on our honeymoon (which was really short) Ethan and I went to Newport, RI. It was wonderful being in a place that is full of friendly people. And being surrounded by art and artists was OK as well. Since we had a super short honeymoon and didn't get to see everything there was to see in Newport (not by a long-shot) we talked about going back for our anniversary weekend. And then every year for at least a few years. By then we may have seen all there was to see and we could pick somewhere else to go. Well you know how a lot of times you make plans on a whim and they sound great but then nothing comes of them?
Most things end up like that for me. This time I decided it wasn't going to happen. I love Newport, want to go back and I am going to make it happen. We already have a friend offering to watch the kids if we ever want to go away for a few days. There are 6 weeks (almost down to 5 now) until my anniversary weekend. I have everything broken down to weekly goals. And Peggy is part of that plan.

I am going to work like crazy and make as many dolls as I possibly can. By sheer quantity I am hoping that someone will see something they like and want to buy it. I am offering time payments if they are needed and working away. I also have been managing to take some better photos of the finished dolls. That makes for a better doll book, better sales photos and more blog posts. And I know I like reading new posts. Now that I have babbled away I will go and work some more. I have some judges planned for today. And then maybe I will take a couple of days off, lol.

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