Sunday, April 25, 2010

Show report

Yesterday was Quabbin Valley Performance Open (QVPO) held in Ludlow, MA. There was a crazy start to the day. I got to the hall and realized that I forgot one of my horses at home. Usually this would be cause for something other than laughter (at least a mild grr or 2) but I live in Ludlow so I knew I could just go home and get the horse. I waited until lunch to make sure I would not miss the first classes.
I missed a bunch of photos that would have been nice to have but I was showing in English and western in both OF and CM. There were 4 rings per division so at time things got a little hectic. It was great for setting classes up ahead of time but sometimes I would have to stop and check to see where I had bits and pieces of footing or props for the next class (and sometimes up to 3 classes ahead, lol). But it was a great show and I had a great time. This first photo is of my customized Chip resin, Spin A Chip. He showed in 4 classes in the stock horse division. This was his team penning entry.

He did alright but his entries still need some tweaking to make them more believable.
The next photo was my customized Smokin' Hot Chic resin doing showmanship. I was very pleased with how this entry turned out because it looks nice and I made her halter while sitting in my car Friday night during my daughter's piano lesson. I probably got some funny looks but I got it done and it looked nice and fit well.
Through some interesting entries (Pokerface also did a bareback pony ride for the scene class and a horse auction for the generic performance class) she got a Championship in the Other Performance division.
This next group of photos are of my OF Seabiscuit, Johnny Cash (named that because my husband loves Johnny Cash). This is his version of the team penning entry. I took a tip from the custom judge and moved the gate facing out and he got a first. Cowboy Bill's head was sculpted by the talented Liesl Dalpe.
Johnny Cash and Bill did very well in the stock horse division earning the champion award.
This is my OF sidesaddle Strapless, Lady Intrigue, competing in the Other English class doing my therapeutic riding entry. I have been working on improving the entry every time I show it and am trying to think up some new ideas. My reference photo is my son, Travis at one of his therapeutic riding lessons. I missed a bunch of photos but Lady Intrigue and her rider (who's name I have forgotten) got the championship award in OF English Performance. Very exciting!

Back again to compete in natural Western trail is Johnny Cash and cowboy Bill. They did very well in this class.
But then they didn't place at all in western arena trail. Johnny Cash is still wearing his boots. I meant to take them off in the last division and...forgot. The other classes he was OK to be wearing them but not for arena trail. Just goes to show that details do matter.
Johnny Cash still managed to get enough points to win Champion in the OF western division. That one was a big surprise to me (I think cowboy Bill is surprised as well).

And last but not least is my new horse. She is a Summer Solstice resin named Joyful Morn. She has had a very successful show career so far and came to me with a STACK of awards. I was going through them one day and realized she only needed 2 more performance cards to earn a NAMHSA versatility award. So I really wanted to show her and see what I could do. She fits in Lady Intrigue's tack without any adjustments which makes my life easier. Though I do plan on getting her her own tack and rider as soon as possible.
This first entry was her dressage entry. She only got 4th but there were some amazing entries in the ring. We'll certainly be working on this some more.
She did do very well in arena trail (as shown below) and also pleasure which I didn't get a photo of.
And last but certainly not least, Joyful Morn did a lovely job in Other English doing my therapeutic riding set-up. This has been a very meaningful set-up from the very first and Joyful Morn did not disappoint. Her rider, Joan (who I just recalled I named for Joan Yount who made her for me) looks very pleased. It's not every day a therapeutic riding program has such a lovely horse.
All in all I had a very productive show day. I ended up with 5 champ awards and a total of 19 NAN cards! Joyful Morn earned the cards she needed so we may be getting her a versatility award soon. Another exciting part of the day was I showed a new resin in performance and didn't wreck it! I must be learning ☺