Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Western Side Saddle

      My custom order books are closed, at least for now, but one of the last orders I got was for this western side saddle doll. I was asked to make a western side saddle doll similar to the last western pleasure doll I made. This doll, who is still available. I had enough of the design fabric left to make that happen, so I made the doll. 
     She is not identical to the other doll, no doll is actually identical, but her outfit has a similar feel to it. And I really like how she came out. I also like that I have a western side saddle to put her on! Joan Yount made my western side saddle. 
        It's been a bit weird to tell people who contact me that my order books are closed. They were open for 16 years. But it is nice to know I don't have to make things for a particular time. And I can just make whatever pops into my head. Which is fun. If I don't have a lot of time to work on dolls, which happens a lot these days, I don't have to feel rushed. It's a good feeling.
    This winter has been incredibly mild. We have had a few really cold days, but we also have had many days that are above freezing, or even in the 40s and 50s. Which might be normal for some places, but is very abnormal for Massachusetts. We also have had a lot of rain and very little snow. Until last night. We got an actual winter storm last night. It dumped at least 7 inches of snow, which is not nearly the most we have gotten all at once around here, but is the most we have gotten all at once this winter. And this storm isn't actually done. It is supposed to snow for most of the day today as well, with a 2 hour break for more rain. Awesome. They called a snow day, which is good, but I have to go to the doctor later. I already don't want to go. 
    Last week was February vacation and I got things done that I have had not put off for a while. I did a few larger cleaning projects, though I really wish I had talked myself into a few more. I read books, that had no pictures, and it was nice. I wish I had been able to make time for more reading. I worked on some dolls a bit and I worked on a lot of new jewelry. It was a nice break. We went back to school for one day and now we are off today. We'll see if I can go tomorrow or not. It all depends on whether or not the roads are cleared for tomorrow. If they have to delay school I have to call out. There is no point in going in for an hour, to have to leave to get home for Travis (if school is delayed, Sunshine Village will be closed, and Ethan can't call out of work). So we'll see. 
     Today I want to extend the vacation feeling. I have plans to finish a book that I am nearly done with. I have a necklace design in my head that I want to get out. I have dolls in the works that I can work on. Hopefully I can get a lot done today. Even with having to leave to go to the doctor. And then there are just 3 more days until the weekend. And we are one day closer to Spring. Even if it doesn't look like it. 

Monday, February 20, 2023

Micros for Sale!

      Since I am on vacation this week and technically have extra time in the day (not that it really seems that way...) I decided I would start photographing and listing things for sale. Today's post is all about micros. I have unpainted, painted, started painted, started prepping, pretty much everything. As I have mentioned before, you are welcome to purchase them now, please email me at fieldofdolls@gmail.com, and if they don't sell now they will be in my live sale at the end of March. I am mostly looking to have less stuff, but I am not looking to just give away everything I own. I am however offering some discounts for bulk purchases. Buy 2 micros, get $5 off. Buy 3 micros and get $10 off. But 4 or more and get $10 off and free shipping. Buy a whole bunch more than that and feel free to bundle and haggle. The worst I can say is no. I may have some other micros I decide to let go of, but this is what I have to start. Happy hunting.

Alpheratz and Matar 2021 subscriber exclusive. $100 for the pair. I likely have the stand for Matar somewhere. I have all the cards. 

Upbitty, prepped (maybe even well), with a gold base coat started in pan pastels. $60 (sold)

Jewel painted by me. $60

Sixjay painted by Kenzie Williams $125

Maelzela painted by Sarah Hampson $100 SOLD

 Ember painted by ? $60 (sold)

Bitty Barnaby painted by Kristen Cermele. He apparently lost an ear, I have no idea when, that hurts a lot. He is a gorgeous little horse and has such tiny ears you don't even see his boo-boo unless you take him out to take photos (or show. Don't do that). Sadly this guy is just a shelf piece unless he gets repaired. Selling for way less than I paid, $100 (sold)

Maple Stirrup painted by me. This guy doesn't look as bad in person as he does in these photos. Still, I am not a fantastic painter and had not learned the pasteling tricks I have now. $75 and I won't be offended is someone was to paint over him. SOLD

Tennytoo, prepped and base coated. Might be glued onto the stand, might be stuck. $50

Rhedyn $30

Micro Juggernaught gold base coat started. $60 SOLD

Chaos Mode $30

Ember, pewter. Prepping started $40

Escape Foot Callie $30

Castanea, no card $30

Annie $35

Poppyseed $35

Kranig $35

Armstrong $30

Rhino $35

Weatherwax $35