Thursday, May 18, 2023

How long has it been?

    Things have been a little bit sporadic in the studio in the past month. I have some fairly big things happening, and I don't have a lot of time for... anything. I also have some really large expenses coming up in the near future and I am working on raising some funds for that. I realize I have not posted since the end of April. I am glad I switched out from daily blogging a while ago. I definitely could not have done it recently. Clearly. 
     I have been listing some tack and things from my personal collection over the past several weeks. I still have micros and minis left, they are here: Micros Minis I will very likely take reasonable offers on them since I need the funds. I have some really big goals. 
     I am likely going to be listing some more tack in the near future as well. Perhaps (probably) also 1:9 scale dollhouse items and potentially props. Here are some things that are still available from this weeks round of listings. 
Western pleasure set $375. Saddle by Nikki Hertzog, bridle by Pam Perkins and saddle pad by Elise Partanen. 

Mel Miller bones medallion. Has a broken ear (the left one). Still an amazing piece. $90

Two Horns Bar custom saddle works/Wendy Ward parade set. $650

Endurance set: saddle by Mandy Claussen, Bridle/Halter/Breast collar by Sara Bowman, doll by me. $600

      I also have this newly finished casual western doll. She is wearing a red button down shirt and dark blue jeans. She has on black boots, a removable white hat, and her belt is undyed natural leather. 

     She has gorgeous auburn hair in a long braid down her back. $220 
     I could be talked into making this doll cutting chaps or chinks if you want them. Send me an email to I will try to write another post soon.