Friday, April 30, 2021

Field of Dolls Online Spring- Part 1

      The Field of Dolls Online Spring show wrapped up on Saturday April 24th with what should have been a live stream of the results and door prize drawing. What it ended up being was a live room in the Facebook group, with no video (sad). Sunday found me packing prizes and doing all of the shipping labels. Monday found me at the post office shipping all of the prizes. Done. But not really. Now it's time to do some sharing and recapping of the show. For this post I am highlighting the 1st place winners from the Other Performance and Regalia and Costume divisions. Enjoy!

1. Pleasure and fine harness
Loverly- Danielle Feldman

2. Other Harness

Loverly- Danielle Feldman

3. In-hand

Trippin Chocolatier-Alyssa Roelofs

4. Showmanship
Tigrese Dash- Kimberly Bleeker

5. Other Performance
Hy Society Silver- Jennifer Buxton

6. Native American Regalia

Hollywood Bling- Danielle Feldman

7. Arabian 

Ishara- Kimberly Bleecker

8. Historical

Perfect Mirth- Kimberly Bleecker

9. Parade

Xadow- Jenny Arsuaga

 10. Other Costume
Peanut Gallery- Jennifer Buxton


Thursday, April 29, 2021


      This is Ellie. She is the new rider doll from KC's Galloping Gals. I had a lot to do with this doll ending up the way she is so I am pretty proud of her. I painted the sample head, and even though the factory barely followed the sample (why do they like RBF so much???) there are some similarities (sort of, lol). Her face really doesn't look like the sample I did, but her hair actually looks quite a lot like the rooting job I did. Apparently side parts are out of fashion at this point, but I think she looks really good! I like her so much that I decided that I would keep her factory hair for the first custom Ellie doll I made. I never do that. 
       I did decide to give her a haircut, since her hair was down below her butt. The factory hair is synthetic and fairly bulky, as all synthetic hair is. But the side part really looks cute with the short cut. And it is surprisingly even. Not sure how I pulled that one off. 
      I honestly decided to cut her hair so short so it would lay nicely while she is wearing her hoodie. I know that even real hair lays funny when hoods are involved, but I didn't want any of that. At least for once. I happen to love long hair, but I wanted someone a little different this time. So my new Ellie doll has factory hair (who am I???) and she still has on her factory face. Though that is likely going to get redone. I am also likely going to continue to call her Ellie. 
      That's also another thing I had a hand in with this doll. While I was helping with the sample work I asked if they would consider naming the doll Elecktra, after my daughter. KC wanted all the dolls to have more country sounding names so she chose Ellie. Which is what a lot of Elecktra's friends call her. So this one is still basically named after my daughter. And I get a big kick out of that. 
     Now that I have made myself a new doll, on the new Ellie body, I can get back into finishing up some more orders. I have a couple of really interesting dolls coming up soon.


Wednesday, April 28, 2021


        When I was finishing up the things for my birthday live sale I knew that I was getting close to a milestone. I was just 2 dolls away from having finished 1500 dolls. Wow. Let's let that one sink in for a bit, 1500 dolls. Some of them were very simple, some were incredibly elaborate, but they all count. It has taken me about 15 years to get to 1500 dolls. Which means that if I keep going at the same rate I will hit 3000 by 2036. At that time I will be 57 years old. Which means I should definitely have it in me to hit 5000! But for now, let's celebrate 1500 finished dolls. It's a big deal.
        For the milestone dolls I usually try to make it a really cool or different doll. It just seems like the right this to do. So was Kylee Park's headless Dorothy doll #1500? It was not. Turns out she was #1499! But I really wanted to get that doll finished on April 7th, since I also finished a Dorothy doll last year on April 7th. Just seems to be a thing now. 
       I guess I could be bummed that #1500 turned out to be a hoodie doll. I have made SO MANY hoodie dolls lately. I technically just made another for myself. But I was not at all upset by the hoodie doll that is #1500. It is Ms. Gonna B. Watching, who lives with (really close anyway) to Katy Niles. She is also wearing her name badge from Doll Protective Services. Just one of those little extra projects I had to do to keep the shenanigans going with Katy. I'm having a lot of fun!
      So as of writing this I had 1505 dolls finished and documented. I might have chosen to do a different doll for #1500 if I had been paying more attention. But this doll (and her photo ID) always make me laugh so I think she is an excellent milestone doll. Maybe I will be paying more attention when I hit 1600. Or maybe it will be another hoodie doll, lol!


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Letters Home- The Netherlands

     My doll, Little Elecktra, is continuing her travel adventures and is now in Europe. She is currently staying with Anne Veeneman van der Weel. All of the photos in this post are by Anne. 

     Hi Mom!
          So I don't want to make you jealous... but I am in Europe! Though really, are you jealous (yes Little Elecktra, I am extremely jealous). I arrived several days ago and spent some time settling in. Anne has been an excellent hostess and so has Eline. Here we are out celebrating King's Day. Since you likely don't know I will tell you that King's Day is celebrated on April 27th and marks the date of the birth of King Willem-Alexander. The Netherlands are a constitutional monarchy (I know you learned at least a bit about those in school. Both when you were in school forever ago and as a para). Fun fact, since I know you like those, King's Day was Queen's day up until 2013 when Queen Beatrix abdicated. Queen's Day was celebrated on April 30th. Don't you love learning cool new things!
     I got to meet some of Eline's horses. This is not Kevin. His name is actually Cowboy Joe. He's a sweet horse. 
     This handsome guy is Makrand. I am helping Anne work on a project for him, but I will tell you about that in another letter. 

      It's only polite to help out with chores when you are visiting, you taught me that, and cleaning stalls is sort of fun. It's one of those chores where you can clearly see (and smell) the difference when you do a good job. 
     On a normal year Eline and I would have headed out to the King's day festivities which would have been flea markets, festivals, Crowds of people wearing orange (Willem-Alexander is of the House of Orange apparently, more cool facts!) and so much fun! This of course is not a normal year so Eline and I went for a ride, of course choosing orange saddle pads. 
     It has been an amazing visit so far and there is so much more I want to share. But for now I am going to go do more things and I will write more soon!
     Little Elecktra


Monday, April 26, 2021

The Test Sale, Fun Faces and Packaging

      Saturday I had my test run of the semi-live sale format. Some things were the same as they have always been. I went live at the stated time, I chit-chatted with people, made claim bags, and made plenty of weird faces. 
      There was also plenty of opportunity to look at nothing but my unicorn backdrop as I stepped out of the frame over and over. I got the suggestion to turn my pone sideways to give a wider angle. I might try that. It may also make it impossible to read the comments that way, I just don't know. And I do still need to read them on the phone, I can't see the live while I am checking comments on the Facebook page. 
     Another bit of feedback was having one claim code if I have a group of multiple items. For example, the mystery bags. All of them were numbered, and somewhat different from each other (as always) but I can see that being a thing I might do. Then just run down the list of claims until I run out. 
     Something I figured out for myself while rewatching the video was that I spent a lot of time looking down and trying to figure out not only who had claimed an item, but which code corresponded to which item. It may still be a really good idea to have the numbers on the items. That should make them easier to grab. 
     For the most part, people seemed to view this style of sale in a positive way. They felt it was very fair, they liked the pacing, and said I seemed a lot more laid back. While I do get silly and crazy at times, mostly I am in reality a very laid back person. Sorry to disappoint anyone who just comes for the crazy!
       After the test sale I also did the live feed (lol, sort of) of the show results for the Field of Dolls Online Spring show. But that group page didn't give me a nice, easy to find "go live" button. It gave me a create a room button. So I started a room since it felt like I had no other choice. I did all of the door prize drawings, announced the top 5 and champ and reserve, and then I wrapped it up and posted the full results in several places. It could have gone better. It definitely also could have gone worse. 
       Saturday night I did the invoicing from the sale. It was easy because there were only a dozen people who claimed items. I got that done quickly and painlessly. 
      Sunday was packing and postage day. I got out the BIG bag of show prizes and the small bag of live sale stuff and I got to work. I always hope that this will be a quick and easy process. It never is. This time around it took me about 4 and a half hours. I want to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone that sent their show entry by goods and service like I asked. Each of you saved me several minutes and I appreciate it. 

      Remember those packaging goals I was talking about the other day? I actually own this embossing tool that Ethan got me years ago. It is super easy to make little custom hang tags for things, I used to do it all the time. I don't know why I stopped. Laziness maybe. 
      I still used paper bags for claim bags but I went and got cute pink ones (which admittedly are more expensive than brown paper, but they make for a way cuter package!). They were easy to fold down and turn into a cute little package with not too much extra effort. True, making the tags, cutting and tying ribbon and so on does take more time than rolling up a paper bag and taping it shut, but I think this is going to be so much nicer for people to get than the rolled up lunch bag. And it made me happy to do it. 

     Looking at the photo I can see how I could still use the brown paper bag and the addition of the ribbon and tag would make it look a lot nicer overall. I'll have to think on that one. But I did really like this. I liked the way the sale ran and how relaxed I felt the whole time. I like sending pink packages and I really like that some packages that are going out will be even more pink than usual. I guess now that I have worked some things out it is time to start getting ready for the August sale. 

Sunday, April 25, 2021


     Friday I should have been working on dolls. It would have been a good idea to get another doll finished (I am more than halfway done with her) and potentially another at least worked on. But then the nagging thought came into my head that with the limited time I had (Travis had a mid-afternoon dentist appointment) I should really work on finishing up preparations for the Field of Dolls Online results show and my semi-live sale. What possessed me to do 2 lives in a day? My usual craziness in part, but also the need for efficiency. With the semi-live sale timed out everything would work out just fine, probably. But I had to make sure I was prepared. 
     Somewhat recently I learned about the International Photo Show League. Kind of like NAN for photo showing, which sounded fun. There was no fee to get a show qualified, just a short form to fill out, and that was it. I had a couple of emails back and forth but it was a super easy process. It also adds another layer of interest to the show. 
     It was not required to have physical cards printed up, but I thought it would be fun. Even though it did add a bit of extra work for me. 
      Friday I also got a bunch of new miniatures in the mail that I was waiting for (and had sort of forgotten about). I decided to put together a few mystery bags for my semi-live sale. Why not? Blind bags are fun and making mystery bags like this is not all that challenging. 
     The next big goal that was keeping me from doll work was figuring out prizes for the show. I had the vaguest of ideas of what I was going to award for the overall champ, overall reserve and top 5 showers. I also had sort of only a vague idea of what I had for prizes! So I started sorting. I put together impressive prize packs for the top 7 showers and then sorted and bundled until I had enough door prizes for every shower. Everyone will get prizes for the show, just as they did for the last show. I hope that I can keep that going for the next show as well. Though this was only possible because of several donations of items and some extremely generous monetary donations. I may have to scale back next time. 
      It took a lot longer than I thought it would to sort prizes for the top showers and sort prizes for the door prizes. Some donations I had to really think about how I wanted to award them. Gail Berg donated a whole bunch of unicorn wine charms. At first I thought I would award them to everyone that got 1st place in one of the regular performance classes. But that would have given some people several of them, which didn't make sense. So then I figured out that I had enough for everyone who placed in the show to get one. With one extra to be given in a prize bundle. I liked that idea a lot better. 
     The last chore for getting ready for the results show was sorting out the placing prizes. This step really COULD have waited, but I don't like to leave things until the last minute. I also don't like to make people wait for prizes. Having the prizes sorted ahead of time makes it a lot more likely that I can get everything shipped out shortly after the show. At this stage of things I am pretty much ready to be done. At least for a while. 
      I ran out of time to do the class sorting before Travis and I had to head out. It took another hour roughly (maybe less) to sort out the class placings for both the regular classes (miniatures) and for the specialty classes (mini rosettes). I sorted everything into individual baggies with the winner's name on them. Then I had a couple of extra mini rosettes, which was not possible, so I went back through with my master list and double checked everyone's bag again. I found several mistakes and fixed them. This is an area where a helper would probably be good. 
      Preparing for a live sale takes a bit of time. Preparing awards for a photo show, especially when you want to show people, at least in part, what they are winning during a live broadcast, can also take a bunch of time. But I think that for the most part people appreciate these things so I will keep on doing them. As long as it remains fun for me, or more fun than headache, I'll keep on holding events like these. 


Saturday, April 24, 2021

The Pinkest Package

      The other day I got a package in the mail from Tiffany Purdy. I don't think I have ever gotten a Purdy package before. But I now have new packaging goals. 
     Years ago I could get pink bubble wrap locally, and it was awesome and I loved it. Sadly, I have not been able to get pink bubble wrap in many years. Most often I am actually using recycled bubbled wrap that has been saved from other packages. The items I ship are not particularly delicate so reused bubble wrap is not a big deal at all. It also saves money, which is a good idea. When I opened the box from Tiffany and saw the pink peanuts (I have never seen pink peanuts like this before!) I loved it. And there was a pink card as well. I have new packaging goals. 
     Tiffany also included a Studio Pink mask. Not only is it cute but it's also super comfortable. These are qualities I appreciate in a mask. Thanks so much Tiffany!
     Digging into the package I also found this pink box. This is the exact size and color I can't resist buying just about every time I see them. I have a stack of them on the table next to me. They are a great size for a variety of small items. I took the Studio Pink sticker off and stuck it on my laptop and added this useful box to my collection. 

     Inside was even more pink! A lovely little, padded, wrapped in pink fleece, with a pink ribbon bit of awesomeness. I have seen people complain about the little extra touches a lot of artists put in their packaging. The complaint was that the extras just raise the prices, which in these people's opinions were unnecessary and so on. That particular post was on modelholics anonymous on Facebook so consider the source. My experience is that nice touches in packaging turn the experience from opening the mail to opening a gift. It brings an extra measure of happiness which, in my opinion, it is never a bad thing to have a little extra happiness. 
    The packaging was incredible but didn't compare to the perfect micro Hazel inside. This is my first professionally painted micro. I love micros (they are amazing miniatures, of course I love them!) and up until now all of my painted ones were ones I finished myself. I am not too bad at micro scale. Pastels have also made my finish work a bit better. But while I am a lot better than I was (because NaMoPaiMo pushed me to do my absolute best!) I am not that good. I don't paint enough. Tiffany has a lot more experience than I do. It shows. I love this tiny Hazel and I now want to get more professionally painted micros. I will still paint my own, but I need to mix things up a bit I think. 
     I have packaging goals now. Over the years I have gone through a lot of different styles of packaging. I have done COAs (I can't keep up with those) and hang tags, hand written thank yous and so on. These days I wrap dolls in pink tissue (that has been consistent for years) and put a pink thank you sticker on instead of tape. I also include a fancy business card that has a thank you message printed on it and a custom sticker. People are really into stickers lately. My live sale packing is not always spectacular. The dolls still get wrapped in pink tissue with a pink thank you sticker. The packages all still get a fancy printed thank you business card and a custom sticker. But small items stay in the paper lunch bags and get folded over, taped and put in the box. Or a bubble mailer. Some of this is out of necessity. When you are packing and shipping 40+ packages at a time sometimes you have to go for efficient over cute. But I do wonder if I can add back in some cute touches without adding an enormous amount of time to my packaging. Goals. 
     I also want to comment on the post I saw where the person was complaining about the extras and the extra cost it adds. I can only speak for myself but I pay for the extras because I like them. I didn't raise my prices because of them. My pink thank you stickers literally cost me 1 cent each. And I feel they add a lot more than that to my packaging. But I can, and should, do more. I think it will make me happy. And we can all use extra little bits of happiness. 

Field of Dolls Online Spring results

     This is the face of the person who did a semi-live sale, then a live results show that turned out to be a live room because the Field of Dolls Online Facebook page would not just let me go live. It was interesting to see people, but now there is no video. This is also the face of the person that said she was going to email everyone full results... and then when she went to do it realized she did not get email addresses. So the full results are posted as an announcement on the group Facebook page, in the files section on the page, and right here. HUGE thank you to Jackie Rossi for helping me judge! Prizes will ship soon!

 Field of Dolls Online Spring 2021 Results

Other Performance

1. Pleasure and fine harness (12)


1. Loverly- Danielle Feldman

2. Hollywood Bling- Danielle Feldman

3. Xadow- Jenny Arsuaga

4. Harley Quinn- Kimberly Bleeker

5. Happy as a Lark- Danielle Feldman

6. Clementine- Hannah Clark


2. Other harness (16)

1. Loverly- Danielle Feldman

2. Harley Quinn- Kimberly Bleeker

3. Hollywood Bling- Danielle Feldman

4. Catch Phrase- Mary Snyder

5. Happy as a Lark- Danielle Feldman

6. Clementine- Hannah Clark


3. In-hand (lead-line, in-hand trail, lunging, etc) (38)

1. Trippin Chocolatier-Alyssa Roelofs

2. LBR Hawkwind- Juliane Gartska

3. Miss Fine Wine- Jessica Noelle Mriss

4. Peanut Gallery- Jennifer Buxton

5. Hawkward- Jennifer Buxton

6. Loverly- Danielle Feldman


4. Showmanship (42)

1. Tigrese Dash- Kimberly Bleeker

2. Peanut Gallery- Jennifer Buxton

3. Perfectly Jazzed- Kimberly Bleeker

4. Once Upon A Time- Jennifer Buxton

5. Hollywood Bling- Danielle Feldman

6. Wicked Dance- Fabian Rodriguez


5. Other Performance (57)

1. Hy Society Silver- Jennifer Buxton

2. Gifford- Hannah Clark

3. Theodore- Jennifer Buxton

4. Calico Creek- Dani Boiko

5. Pepto Changeo- Elaine Lindelef

6. Hollywood Bling- Danielle Feldman



Regalia and Costume

6. Native American Regalia (15)

1. Hollywood Bling- Danielle Feldman

2. Tarnished Silver- Kimberly Bleecker

3. Ben- Jenny Arsuaga

4. Tomabi- Danielle Feldman

5. Tigrese Dash- Kimberly Bleecker

6. Snickers- Jennifer Buxton


7. Arabian (18)

1. Ishara- Kimberly Bleecker

2. Shalimay- Jennifer Buxton

3. Waheed- Kimberly Bleecker

4. Khemonohar Ali- Jennifer Buxton

5. Nejmet es Subh- Jennifer Buxton

6. Marah- Danielle Feldman


8. Historical (10)

1. Perfect Mirth- Kimberly Bleecker

2. Entei- Jenny Arsuaga

3. Victrice- Fabian Rodriguez

4. Clementine- Hannah Clark

5. Ghazale- Kimberly Bleecker

6. Benedek- Hannah Clark


9. Parade (23)

1. Xadow- Jenny Arsuaga

2. Hot Summer Knight- Jennifer Buxton

3. Entei- Jenny Arsuaga

4. Winter Elixir- Kimberly Bleecker

5. Theodore- Jennifer Buxton

6. Vermouth- Jenny Arsuaga


10. Other costume (16)

1. Peanut Gallery- Jennifer Buxton

2. Snowmane- Jenny Arsuaga

3. Lithium- Fabian Rodriguez

4. Snickers- Jennifer Buxton

5. Wilga- Anna Dobrowolska

6. LBR Swiffer- Juliane Garska





11. Stock work (42)

1. Dream of Champagne- Kimberly Bleecker

2. Halstorm- Brenda Summers

3. LBR Prairie Wind- Juliane Garstka

4. Clementine- Hannah Clark

5. Theodore- Jennifer Buxton

6. Perfectly Jazzed- Kimberly Bleecker


12. Patterned Western (reining, Western Dressage, etc.) (46)

1. Dream of Champagne- Kimberly Bleecker

2. Mabel- Danielle Feldman

3. Dun Up Purdy- Jennifer Buxton

4. Hold My Beer- Brenda Summers

5. Theordore- Jennifer Buxton

6.  Harley Quinn- Kimberly Bleecker


13. Western Trail (60)

1. Hollywood Bling- Danielle Feldman

2. Dun Up Purdy- Jennifer Buxton

3. Perfectly Jazzed- Kimberly Bleecker

4. Hilariosity- Danielle Feldman

5. Schutzengel- Jennifer Buxton

6. Sheza Prize- Kimberly Bleecker


14. Western Games (51)

1. Mabel- Daniel Feldman

2. Theodore- Jennifer Buxton

3. Hollywood Bling- Danielle Feldman

4. Nejmet es Subh- Jennifer Buxton

5. Tigrese Dash- Kimberly Bleecker

6. Calico Creek- Dani Boiko


15. Other Western (37)

1. Dream of Champagne- Kimberly Bleecker

2. LBR Corona Blues- Juliane Garstka

3. King Of Sorrow- Fabian Rodriguez

4. Calico Creek- Dani Boiko

5. Hidalgo- Dani Boiko

6. Hilariosity- Danielle Feldman


16. Western Pleasure (63)

1. Hold My Beer- Brenda Summers

2. JTIA Rusty Bar Code- Joan Yount

3. Blacktop Mojo-Brenda Summers

4. Shutzengel- Jennifer Buxton

5. JTIA Ragdoll- Joan Yount

6. Happy As A Lark- Danielle Feldman





17. over fences (51)

1. Flying Phoenix- Jennifer Buxton

2. Xecutive Decision- Kimberly Bleeker

3. JTIA Wingsover Easy- Joan Yount

4. Once Upon a Time- Jennifer Buxton

5. Black Adder- Kimberly Bleeker

6. Theodore- Jennifer Buxton


18. Dressage (43)

1. Harley Quinn- Kimberly Bleeker

2. Once Upon a Time- Jennifer Buxton

3. Loverly- Danielle Feldman

4. Theodore- Jennifer Buxton

5. Kentucky Kiss- Kimberly Bleeker

6. Elterwater Firefly-Hayley Walker


19. English Games (37)

1. Hold My Beer- Brenda Summers

2. Harley Quinn- Kimberly Bleeker

3. Quantum Leap- Kimberly Bleeker

4. Astra Shenanigans- Elaine Lindelef

5. Once Upon A Time- Jenn Buxton

6. Perfect Nightmare- Jenny Arsuaga


20. English Trail (47)

1. Honeyson Fellow- Jennifer Buxton

2. Ima Cool Jazz Cat- Anya Williams

3. Lady Liberty- Jennifer Buxton

4. Island Ferryman- Hannah Clark

5. Khompounded Interest- Jennifer Buxton

6. Hollywood Bling- Danielle Feldman


21. Other English (40)

1. Theodore- Jennifer Buxton

2. Khompounded Interest- Jennifer Buxton

3. Executive Decision- Kimberly Bleeker

4. Holywood Bling- Jennifer Buxton

5. Calico Creek- Dani Boiko

6. Johul- Elaine Lindelef


22. Hunt seat pleasure (51)

1. Honeyson Fellow- Jennifer Buxton

2. Perfect Mirth- Kimberly Bleeker

3. Island Ferryman- Hannah Clark

4. Hollywood Bling- Danielle Feldman

5. JTIA Unforgettable- Joan Yount

6. Harley Quinn- Kimberly Bleeker



Specialty/Scene (Anne)


23. Weird Props (24)

1. Hawkward- Jennifer Buxton

2. Quantum Leap- Kimberly Bleecker

3. Calico Creek- Dani Boiko

4. Hilariosity- Danielle Feldman

5. Love N Stuff- Jennifer Buxton

6. Strawberry Parfait- Elaine Lindelef


24. Hollywood (15)

1. Calico Creek- Dani Boiko

2. Loverly- Danielle Feldman

3. Bercoili- Elaine Lindelef

4. Nicolo and Tucker- Jennifer Buxton

5. Roo- Jessica Carini

6. Angel Eyes- Hannah Clark


25. Summer Fun (40)

1. Dun Ridge- Juliane Garstka

2. Morning of the show- Sarah Pavolko

3. Hollywood Bling- Danielle Feldman

4. Dun Up Purdy- Jennifer Buxton

5. The Oak Valley Gymkhana- Sam Helton

6. NLF Rudy- Lawrence Nichols


26. Favorite holiday (50)

1. Christmas 2020- Juliane Garstka

2. Halloween Raaf and Skorie- Anna Dobrowolska

3. Kermit- Danielle Feldman

4. Snickers- Jennifer Buxton

5. Boreal- Hayley Walker

6. Zip’s Ginger Snap- Kimberly Bleecker


27. April Fools! (12)

1. King O The Thoroughfare- Hannah Clark

2. Aspen-Hayley Walker

3. Este- Jessica Carini

4. Zombie Slayer- Jennifer Buxton

5. Wintersong- Daphne Headley

6. Hawkward- Jennifer Buxton


28. Goals (22)

1. Bronwyn- Jessica Carini

2. Rum Tum Tugger- Dani Boiko

3. Mini Luther- Juliane Garstka

4. Cantra- Elaine Lindelef

5. Nudist Colony- Danielle Feldman

6. Red Cloud- Fabian R.


29. Funny (29)

1. Ashgrove- Jennifer Buxton

2. Beep- Jennifer Buxton

3. Quantum Leap- Kimberly Bleecker

4. Helen the Horse- Jessica Carini

5. NLF Rudy- Lawrence Nichols

6. Angel Eyes- Hannah Clark


30. Bad behavior (30)


1. Beethoven- Jennifer Buxton

2. Pepto Lena- Sam Helton

3. Jennibray- Jennifer Buxton

4. Calico Creek- Dani Boiko

5. Tonopah- Elaine Lindelef

6. Whitaker Walt- Hannah Clark


Specialty/Scene (Jackie)


23. Weird Props (24)

1. Quantum Leap-Kimberly Bleeker

2. Estini-Hayley Walker

3. I Have My Eye on You-Daphne Headley

4. Calico Creek- Dani Boiko

5. Hawkward- Jennifer Buxton

6. Blonde Ambition- Danielle Feldman


24. Hollywood (15)

1. Calico Creek- Dani Boiko

2. Rune- Jennifer Buxton

3. Bercouli- Elaine Lindelef

4. Nicolo and Tucker- Jennifer Buxton

5. Eligeda- Hannah Clark

6. Angel Eyes- Hannah Clark


25. Summer Fun (40)

1. Jenibray- Jennifer Buxton

2. Minny- Hannah Clark

3. Queen of Thorns- Dani Boiko

4. Dun Up Purdy- Jennifer Buxton

5. Morning of The Show- Sarah Povolko

6. Dun Ridge- Juliane Gartska


26. Favorite holiday (50)

1. Elsabet- Hannah Clark

2. Bert and Ernie- Danielle Feldman

3. Hoka Hey- Jennifer Buxton

4. MN Bonnie- Jennifer Buxton

5. Love N Stuff- Jennifer Buxton

6. Boreal- Hayley Walker Ruth


27. April Fools! (12)

1. Aspen Heritage- Hayley Walker

2. Zombie Slayer- Jennifer Buxton

3. Dorian- Hannah Clark

4. Este-Jessica Carini

5. Hawkward- Jennifer Buxton

6. Ferry to Entenwerder- Juliane Garska


28. Goals (22)

1. Bronwyn- Jessica Carini

2.My Nudist Colony- Danielle Feldman

3.Rum Tum tugger- Dani Boiko

4. Nejmet es Subh- Jennifer Buxton

5.Red Cloud- Fabian Rodriguez

6. Elsabet- Hannah Clark


29. Funny (29)

1. Beep- Jennifer Buxton

2. The Proper Way to Decorate cookies- Daphne hHeadly

3. Helen the Horse- Jessica Carini

4. Ashgrove- Jennifer Buxton

5. NLF Rudy- Lawrence Nichols

6. Rosewood Drop of Honey- Jill Webb


30. Bad behavior (30)


1. Beethoven- Jennifer Buxton

2. Pepto Lena- Sam Helton

3. Daughtry- Dani Boiko

4. Jennibray- Jennifer Buxton

5. Queen of Thorns- Dani Boiko

6.Radiant Disciple- Dani Boiko




Overall Grand Champion- Jennifer Buxton

Overall Reserve Champion- Kimberly Bleecker

Top 5- Danielle Feldman

Dani Boiko

Hannah Clark

Juliane Garstka

Jennifer Arsuaga