Sunday, March 9, 2014

Miniature Food on my Desk

Recently Jennifer Buxton did a blog post on the miniature food Lauren Mauldin has on her work desk. This isn't the first time miniature food has been discussed on Jennifer's blog. Or mine really. The model horse hobby is filled with people that enjoy miniatures. Miniature horses, miniature tack and sometimes just anything tinier than normal sized. I collect miniature food as well but I am very particular about the pieces.
This is the miniature display case on my desk and my collection of miniature food (so far). All of the pieces are artist made from polymer clay. For me to add a food piece to my collection it has to be something I like, obviously, super realistic and priced well. I have no desire to pay someone $50 for a plate of cheese and crackers (they don't take THAT long to make). Plus the lower priced items are often from lesser known artists and I have always enjoyed supporting new artists as well as all artists in general.I made the soup, the ice cream sundae and the pancakes.
I also have this tiny cake made to look like my wedding cake. The artist charges about half to 2/3 less than any other artist that copies cakes and she did an amazing job! It's just about an inch and a half tall.
   I enjoy miniatures of all kinds and I always have. Miniature food is my most recent choice for collecting but I am always on the lookout for other cool miniatures. Things that are smaller than usual are just cute.