Friday, February 9, 2024

      I realized, again, that I haven't posted in a while. Again. I have been in super hyper get-stuff-done mode. When I had to buy a new furnace (did I mention that?) I had to put some of it on a credit card. And then I paid for my Breyerfest trip. And then... and now I have debt and I HATE it. So in my head, I have to work, work, work, because I need to get that paid off and get back to where I need to be financially. And I know I will be, easily by Breyerfest, but the way I work I do not want to wait for later. I need to get things done NOW. I am not really a procrastinator. So even though I have dolls for sale, and I know eventually everything will sell, it always does sooner or later, potential money is not the same as real money. So I feel like I need to work more. I do take time off, which is part of why I got the Nintendo Switch, but I also will push to do more. Which is part of why I don't take commissions anymore. Having an order in my book meant I needed to make the doll NOW. Telling me to take my time means nothing, my brain says do it now. I do not like pushing things off until later. Though I am not quite as neurotic as I sound at the moment, lol
     Speaking of the Switch, tonight I asked Travis if he wanted to play a game and now he's happily playing Mario. This might not mean much to anyone but me, but my kid has never really played a video game. It's just a really typical thing that people do and that makes me supremely happy. 
      So I have a thing that I have been doing that is making me really happy. A month or so ago a friend from work asked me to make her 6 matching pendants. One for her and one for her 5 best friends. I LOVED the idea! They are of course not identical, wrapped stones are no more alike than people, but I love the idea. I wish I had thought to get a nice photo of the group. But at least I have the one. 
     So then another friend at school, who had seen the pendants, also loved the idea of matched jewelry. Though she's not really a necklace person and we settled on bracelets. I have not gotten around to making them yet, but here's an example of how I put a wrapped stone in a bracelet. I really love the idea of matches jewelry for friends, or sisters (I was reminded I have previously done matched pendants for sisters). I definitely want to work on some more projects like this!
     As I mentioned, I have been working a lot. Though really, I work my regular doll hours. Because I keep hours now, for the most part. I am trying for balance. I am trying for free time and not just working all the time. But I am still working and I am getting things done. I am aiming for getting at least one doll a week done to put away for Breyerfest. And then my goal is to finish 1 or 2 dolls a week for sales dolls right now. And if things don't sell I will eventually add them to the Breyerfest loot. I should have a good batch of dolls available in Kentucky. Though this hunt seat lady is available right now. She has dark brown hair and has been modified to ride on the flat or over fences. If you are interested in her please email me at
$230 plus shipping

      So I am still around, still working on dolls and getting things done. I am just in a mode where I feel like I have to do a lot of things right now. And winter sucks and I don't usually feel like figuring out what to write about when I feel sort of meh. But that groundhog says we will get an early Spring. It is supposed to be 60 degrees tomorrow! And then next week it is supposed to snow. I am not a fan of that at all. But February is flying by and it is just one week until February break. I could use a break. I love my job, I really love the people I work with, but I want to not get up when it's dark. At least for a bit. I want to have more time to read and play my game. And to watch Travis play Mario. I really am getting such a big kick out of how much he seems to be enjoying it!