Sunday, April 20, 2014

So when I wasn't looking I made 700 dolls

I have been a slacker about updating my doll book. And updating my blog. So today a customer asked me how many male hunt seat riders I had made. So I got out the doll book to count. If anyone is interested the answer to that question is 4. Four make hunt seat riders in over 7 years and over 700 dolls. But unfortunately I have to make either what is ordered or what I think will sell. And sometimes it seems model horse people are not overly fond of make riders.

That actually leads in nicely to the 700th doll. Because as I was printing out the photos and numbering them I realized that doll # 700 was...
a male rider! This is the new male doll from Castaway Toys. It is a very similar body style to the old Mego dolls but far superior in the fact that there are not rubber bands used in the construction of this doll. He will stay where you put him. Crazy thought, I know. And since coincidences with dolls are happening today I will post a photo I took for a customer...
proving this guy can stand in the saddle, hold his arm up, hold his reins and rope in the other hand, etc. This is a talented cowboy! This is actually the second cowboy I have done on the new Castaway body but I do like it and I think I will be making more of them in the future. Since they don't come with a specific head (this is a Mego head) they won't all look identical like the Breyer guys, they are shaped more like real people than the Breyer guys and they behave so well, what's not to like? I don't know that they would make a good hunt seat rider but they sure make good cowboys.

So when I wasn't looking I made over 700 dolls. I have actually to date made 703 dolls. One of these days I will count just how many of them were male riders.