Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A quick post to share...

A bunch of years ago I had a model horse showing friend named Lauren. She was always a very creative shower and fun to compete with (because creative people are fun to compete against/get ideas from). She moved away and I had no idea where she ended up until now. I just saw this blog post from her. She hasn't been active in the model horse hobby for awhile and is trying to rehome some of her remaining hobby items. Part of entering the drawing the win the goodies is answering a question; basically what will you do with the items if you win them. Well that's easy, I will donate them to MEPSA to be used as fund raisers or for year end prizes at the champs show. And I will be reading Lauren's blog now that I know where she is :)
This photo was one I snagged from her model horse post. I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series she has planned.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

TRXC halter day

I am not a halter shower. Anyone that knows me knows I am not a halter shower. I don't have fancy horses, my horses have a lot of accidents so I try not to have things that are too valuable. I care almost nothing about breed assignment. I am not a halter shower. But TRXC is a fun show and staying an extra day to sell dolls and hang out with hobby friends is worth it. Even though I might not win anything or even remember to put my horses on the table. Surprisingly though my horses did pretty well.
 Jazira got second in breed in the open show. She often does very well in breed. I joked after everyone put their horses on the table that I should get a prize for having the smallest horse on the table. Then I joked that I DID get a prize for the smallest horse. I don't have a very large collection of minis but the ones I have are very carefully chosen.
 McQueen added to his medals for the weekend by getting a top 5 in workmanship. I have no idea who painted him but he is very pretty and I love him.
 Bootlegger doesn't get much love in halter but he did get 3rd in workmanship. I think that's the best he ever does. He's still an awesome performance horse though and that's what matters.
 Halestorm is my new (to me) custom Stone pony. She got second in her breed class...
 ...and then a top 5 in the pony stakes. I was very impressed with her. She is doing better in halter than in performance. Yes, I will be fixing that shortly :)
 Then there is Pacific Redeemer. P.R. was named after my son's favorite horse at the therapeutic riding barn. P.R. is actually a very old horse so I thought it would be fun to have Meghann Hoscheid (Lorei) paint my Little Man Mango (sculpted by Morgen Kilbourn) as P.R as a baby. It amuses me. P.R. got first in his breed class and I got to show Morgen because she had come up to judge at the show.
Then P.R. got champion in the foals workmanship stakes and I was thrilled! Partly because of who the horse was named for but also thrilled for Meghann. She is a fantastic artist and I don't think she gets the recognition she deserves. Though I do believe it's coming.
   So that was my TRXC experience this year. I did very well and I'm very grateful to all the artists who contributed pieces of my performance entries or paint work or the sculptures. I love this hobby and I love all the talent in it. I'm not a halter shower but I had a really good halter showing day. I think next year I will judge.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

TRXC CM performance

This past weekend was the the region X championship show (TRXC). Not only did I have my big yearly doll sale but I also did a decent amount of showing. Here are my placings of the day:

 Bootlegger won champion in patterned performance stakes
 Hurricane Deck won reserve champion in Action western stakes.
McQueen got a top 5 in the Action English stakes (even though I forgot the gate piece for my jump)

and then McQueen also got top five in games
 Enchanted Eve won reserve champion in the pleasure stakes
 and then a top 5 in the trail stakes
 Caramel Latte got a top top in the other performance stakes
 and Flash in the sky got reserve champion in the other performance stakes.
 Lady Liberty is the only OF horse I brought and she only showed in one class in the OF performance stakes. She got a top 5 for her showmanship entry (and in the open show she got one more NAN card towards her superior event horse award...almost there).
 Cranky Pants received a top 5 in the costume stakes. My plan is to redress the doll so she looks nicer. I had nothing to do with the creation of this Native American costume and I don't even know who made it. I do know that it is stunning and intricate and I love it very much.

I did get some nice placings in the open show but I did also mess up several things because my mind was wandering or I was distracted by something else. It was a fun day and my horses did very well. I even stayed for halter day. Maybe some photos tomorrow.

The TRXC doll sale

   Every year region X has a championship show in November. The region X championship show (TRXC) is a slightly scaled down open show with stakes classes. It's a lot of fun and also a wonderful place for me to try to sell dolls.
   Every year I mean to get started early. Like July. But somehow that doesn't happen. I might make a doll and put it away for the sale in November but then I might take it back out and sell it on ebay (that happened at least 4 times this year) or I might offer the dolls in trade if I find something I want and people are interested in a trade. If I started in July and didn't sell and trade the dolls getting a good stock of finished dolls ready would be pretty easy. But things don't work out that way. My lofty goal for this year was to have 20 dolls to bring to the sale. I did it. And I even got to take most of the week before the show off. Here is what I ended up with:

Black and white western pleasure doll (sold)
 upper level dressage doll (part of a trade)
 western pleasure cowboy (available for sale)

 red and black western pleasure doll (sold)
 royal blue and black casual/working cowboy (donation for Miami Valley Live)
 Super bendy cowboy. He has bendy arms, legs and neck. (available for sale)
 Youth doll in gray coat (available for sale)
 Casual English lady on the Breyer body (available for sale)
 Yvonne hunt seat doll in navy blue (sold)
 Yvonne hunt seat doll in black coat (available for sale)
 Yvonne side saddle doll (possibly sold)
 casual/working Yvonne in royal blue (available for sale)
 green western pleasure Yvonne (sold)
aqua western pleasure Yvonne (sold)
gray and pink saddle seat doll (sold)

 turquoise and black showmanship doll (taken for my personal collection)
 royal blue, black and white western pleasure Yvonne (available for sale)
 casual hunt seat Yvonne (sold)
 youth hunt seat doll in navy blue (sold)

western pleasure Yvonne in tan, blue and yellow (sold)

It is a lot of work and many long days as the show day nears to get ready for my big TRXC sale. But it's also fun to meat a big goal and have a good variety of dolls for people to play with. Maybe next year I will start early and not sell or trade the finished pieces. Stranger things have happened.