Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fun with pirates

Recently I asked Ethan if he wanted me to make him a doll. He's not a collector of horses or dolls but I asked him anyway. He's actually a tattoo artist and above his work station at the shop he has a wide variety of....stuff. Mostly weird things that you would think a tattoo artist would have, skulls, dragons, things like that. But I am me so I asked him anyway. He has given me tattoos (5 total now) but I have not made him any dolls. Why would I? But he likes my dolls so I asked and he said he would like a skeleton pirate. I got a decent reference photo and everything. Several months back I bought two 8" skeletons because I was asked to make "Death" from the 4 horsemen of the apocolipse. That was an interesting project since I had to build flesh onto bone and I am not a sculptor. I got 2 skeletons just in case I royally screwed up and needed a new start.
Well "Death" came out quite well and I had an extra skeleton. I told Ethan he could keep it until I needed it. Or if I needed it. So a skeleton for the skeleton pirate was easy to come by.
I found a nearly perfect sized lantern in the dollhouse miniature section of AC Moore. I used sandpaper to "antique" it. If I want to get really creative at some point I will try to paint on some rust. I may not be up to that particular challenge though, I am also not a painter. I got a sword might have been a Jack Sparrow action figure. My son has a bunch of action figures like most boys do but he doesn't play with the accessories. So there are swords and all kinds of little things hanging out in the bottom of the toybox just waiting for projects, lol.
After I got my last tattoo (Tigger on my left hip bone) a couple of weeks ago I said I would try to get the pirate done that week. Well other orders came first so the pirate got pushed back. Tonight I decided I needed to finish that pirate for Ethan. I got the lantern in that pirate's hand just as Ethan was pulling in. *phew* and it made him happy since some lady hit his car in the parking lot of the tattoo shop. How annoying. If he had a fancier car he might care more. As it is it's annoying.
So anyway, skeleton pirate is done and I don't feel like a bum about not getting him done now. I think he is going to go live at the tattoo shop with the other weird things on the shelf. I get a kick out of that. And here he is in all his pirate glory :) Some day I might even get a good picture, lol!

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