Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekend show report

Today was the PVTRA second annual benefit horse show. Travis was riding in it again which he loves. Last year I got video but this year I just did pictures. Part of that was I needed reference photos for my therapeutic riding set-up at live shows. I got some good ones I think. But photos are fun so here are a bunch to look at ☺

This first one is Pat, the director of the therapeutic riding program and Travis's senior instructor. He likes her a lot. This is Anna, Travis's intern instructor. She is licenced with the state but wants to be licenced by NARHA. Elecktra is excited that she gets to help out and finally can touch the horses without getting in trouble.

This one is because action shots are fun!

Number 196 is all ready to go (and looking very cool).

The paparazzi were there as well.

I really wish I had taken a photo of the trail coarse diagram. I didn't think of it until we were on the way home though. Maybe Leora will still have it at the barn (it was big and color coded!). Anyway, this was the first circle.

Here is a very nice whoa.

Steering through the cones.

Perfect jump position (is it better with your eyes closed?).

Another action shot. The beanbag went right into the hoop. The judges (were right above him for this one) and they sounded impressed with this as well.

The outcome... second place! Great job Travis!

And the group photo. This was the only one I had where Travis didn't look really bored. The little girl was not really upset, she just looks it in this photo. The other ones I have she looked happy (and as I mentioned, Travis looked really bored).
So it was a good day and I got these and may more photos. I am thinking of having the doll in my set-up do jumping position. Not sure I can pull it off but it would be interesting.


Sian said...

What a delightful event! Tell Travis congratulations! He did wonderful!

Field of Dolls Studio said...

Thanks! His first lesson this year he got on and let out a big sigh. He's so happy and calm on a horse.

Braymere said...

Wonderful post! I really enjoyed reading this. Congratulations to your son and thanks for posting all those great pictures!