Thursday, September 23, 2010

The WEG Diorama Project

In February I was asked if I was interested in taking part in the Breyer WEG diorama project. I was asked to make the team of dolls for the marathon driving set-up. Unfortunately I don't have any good photos of the dolls. I took this quick photo and one of the back just to make sure they were what was wanted, then I changed something on them, didn't take new photos and they left. Jennifer Buxton (who also worked on the project) did a wonderful post on the project with some great photos of the dioramas in progress. I would love to see more photos and photos of the finished dioramas. I won't be attending the games so I can't get any myself.

Everyone that worked on the project was sworn to secrecy until Breyer had signed off on the entire project and released the info to the world. I have known for months who at least some of the other artists were on the project (group emails have email addresses and I guessed a lot from that) but I couldn't talk to them about it because of the secrecy ban. February to the end of September is a long time to wait when you really want to talk about something. It's so exciting that finally we can share what we did. I am more excited to see the finished projects. I LOVE miniatures of all kinds and some of the details are simply amazing.

Oh, I also can't take credit for the title of this post that I blatantly ripped off from Jennifer Buxton this morning. It was perfect, I had to use it ☺


Sian said...

They look wonderful! I'm so excited that Breyer and the KHP did this display!!

Morgen said...

YAY! (hugs) I'm so happy you can share now - they are THE coolest man! Great dolls too from what I can see. :D