Sunday, October 17, 2010

New performance team

Yesterday was my last live show for this year. I am sure I can post some photos but right now I want to share my new performance team. This is Breyer's Justa Dream arab and I have been thinking of getting one for awhile. I got her for a SUPER deal yesterday because my Breyer dealer friend is going out of business. I couldn't resist. This side is always what is posted so I thought she would be a fun performance horse. The other side of course has the super long mane. However it is nice and flat and some allowances need to be made (and are) for OF horses so she should be OK. I have had a fully braided horse do very well in OF western classes. I think she will be fine and I asked another friend who judges and she said it should be fine. So I am pretty excited to try out this little team.
I already had the tack and it used to be the set I used on my Strapless model (who has been my main English performance horse for awhile now) until I got my lovely new Jennifer Buxton set. But it fits very nicely on this little mare and, since she is a small model, this little youth doll fits very well on her. The youth doll was originally made as a sales doll but since no one bought her yesterday and she looks like she was custom made for this horse...I guess I have another doll for myself now.
I figured since I already have a Travis (my son) doll this one would have to be Elecktra (my daughter). So this is Ellie since I guess some of her friends at school call her that. I don't know yet what to name the horse or what breed to show her as. I know she is supposed to be an Arabian but she seems a little bit small for that. Any advice would be appreciated. Now to sort some live show photos and see what I can post!


Urbangoatgirl said...

I LOVE this little mare in tack! I got a WEG Gold Raven and was so surprised at how lovely she was and how much I liked her. I'm planning to show mine in peformance as well and may be coming to you for a junior rider doll or two as I think the 6" tall Brenda Breyers will be way too big on her. Your junior huntseat doll looks perfect!

Field of Dolls Studio said...

I have been thinking about making a little western doll for this mare as well. But then I would need more tack. Oh no, not more tack! Lol I love tack ☺
I would be happy to make a doll or two to go on your Gold Raven. I haven't seen the horse in person but she's very pretty in pictures.