Friday, September 16, 2011

New dolls

I realized this morning that I have not done a blog post in several months. Part of it was lack of cool photos (because photos in blog posts make everything more fun) part of it was the craziness of summer and part of it was I didn't have much to talk about. I was thinking about the newer dolls I have done recently though I wanted to share a bit. This first one I especially like. She has carved feet, a padded waste to make her more realistically shapes, her first finger on her left hand is split out from the others so she can hold the reins properly. She is just so much easier to use. I am really liking the body upgrades that are standard on my newer dolls.
This next doll is also really cool because she can do so much. For as long as I can remember hunt seat dolls could either do flat classes or over fences (in-flight) because a regular doll looks silly going over a jump. This doll got a body rebuild so she is able to do flat classes and then also get into a jump position and do over fences classes. She is great for almost any English class you can think of and very easy to use.
This next d0ll also has the new, standard body upgrades and is in an outfit that is currently trendy in the show ring. She has decorated chaps and a back zip OOAK silk shirt. She also got new make-up and a manicure.

This last photo I took to amuse myself. I had this pretty lady doll and this bendy cowboy and they wanted to hang out together at (on) the doll-sized picnic table. They look to me like they are enjoying a nice date on a beautiful summer day. What you can't see in the photo is this lady's diamond engagement ring! Doll love amuses me :)I guess the last new thing I should mention is the interview I did with Jeanne Grunert. Here is a link to the written article and here is the link to the photo article. I really enjoyed doing these and was very flattered to be asked.


LazyShamrock said...

Teresa Buzzell and I did a little doll love with a couple owned by Myla Pearce years ago--and I believe she did discover a baby doll sometime be prepared!

Field of Dolls Studio said...

That's funny! Perhaps I should warn the woman that bought the western pleasure doll....