Monday, March 18, 2013

I guess it's time... sculpt heads. Since I have never yet successfully sculpted a female head that actually looks female I decided to get some face molds. I should be able to handle altering them a little bit before baking so the faces are not all identical.
And yes it is confirmed, the new big headed dolls are in fact the new Breyer dolls. I called Breyer today and after convincing the customer service agent that the dolls were in fact Breyer dolls she went to ask someone. She wasn't able to tell me if all the dolls would have the new big heads or if a smaller head doll would be really she wasn't really helpful at all. Someone higher up is supposed to call me as soon as they figure out who can best help me with my issue (that I put in writing and sent to them). Until then I will buy as many normal headed dolls as I can find and start practicing with the sculpted heads. Just as soon as my molds come in. Really, why can't Breyer make the dolls better instead of worse?


Last Alliance Studios said...

Oh that's so stupid! I know they probably want to aim the dolls at younger collectors as they're probably more likely to buy them than adult collectors but really, whhyyyyyyy do they need to have such massive heads?!

Your heads look excellent though! :D

Unknown said...

Really Breyer??? I'm glad I have a few normal dolls I can use for showing. Who wants a doll like that?

ChattyHouseWren said...

That is so frustrating! What a nightmare!