Sunday, August 3, 2014

Forgetting to post AKA I am too boring to entertain people

So really I am posting because Jennifer Buxton makes me (and most every other blogger) look bad. Last year she reached 1 million page views. When she was getting close she decided to run a contest/raffle and promised to award a piece of tack of her choosing to the winner (who was randomly drawn by a computer program I believe. I won, nearly had a heart attack when I saw because I was so excited and then waited to see what Jennifer would make for me. She made me this:
It was more than worth the wait and I nearly had a heart attack again when I saw it. Again, from pure excitement. That is an unbelievably good prize! I have never really been all that into side saddle but that might have been because I didn't have one. And when you get an awesome prize like this you really have to show the crap out of it. So I did.
I did the entire division side saddle. It took a bit of creativity but I made it happen. It was such a generous prize I am actually still floored by it. Anyway, I thought I would do a post and hopefully get some more traffic going to Jennifer's blog. She is heading towards 2 million page views and is having another raffle. Oh, I stole got the side saddle photo off of Jennifer's blog here. This is where the current raffle started and the rules are listed, etc. I do really sort of hope that my name gets drawn again. I won't take another prize I would want it to go to someone that couldn't otherwise get an awesome piece of Braymere tack. But it would be cool to be THAT lucky.

So in other news I am trying to think of small things I can make to sell at my big TRXC sale in November. I already have judges kits:

removable work chaps:
Removable cross country sets (vest with pinny, medband and watch)
and random mini food.
I haven't been able to think of anything else. I will of course have a variety of dolls to sell but I thought a good variety of smaller items, accessories or whatever, would be fun too. Any ideas?


Alyssa (CBL) said...

The little food is unbelievably realistic. Great job!

Unknown said...

That's awsome!

Debbi Baird said...

How about buckets, saddle bags, feed bags? Of course, I don't know all the stuff that you've made, either! :-) By the way, we have potential creative material for you to peruse through when you're here on Sunday!

Creations By Mit said...

Lucky you!!! VERY generous prize!! I was hoping to get some things done to sell at TRXC too, but don't think I'll be attending this year. I LOVED seeing your mini food! Hoping you'll at least post more pix before you sell it!!