Monday, December 15, 2014

The coolest people ever

People in the model horse hobby are some of the coolest people ever. I have known this for a long time but it is more and more apparent recently. When I started live showing I got lots of help and LOTS and LOTS of help when I started performance showing. My personal experiences have been mostly positive and the people I have met are very giving and fun. I know it's not true of everyone in the hobby but most of the people I have met, or had interactions with, are fantastic.

Just recently I joined Model Horse Blab which is something I have been avoiding for years because I know I can get sucked into that forum and then get lost for hours. So far I have been doing OK and only check it for a few minutes...every single time I am on the computer. I catch up on posts I am following and sometimes catch something new. I am behaving for the most part. The point though of my mentioning joining was I started sending out PIFs (Pay It Forward) which I think really a better name for that would be random gifts. I have also received a couple of PIFs myself.

I received these dolls. I even have used one of them to make a gift for someone (I will post photos after Christmas)
 and just this past weekend I got this GIANT bag of Kisses. I will never run out of chocolate! (that's a lie)
I also signed up for the Blab Secret Santa which was SO much fun. I had a great time getting a gift together for my person and I received this great group of gifts from my Secret Santa partner.
There were doll making supplies, treats and chocolates, cozy socks and this AWESOME CM
I have never been into decorators but when I opened this I was so excited! It's a pink and black horse with wings and a pink crystal necklace on my favorite stablemate mold! It is MUCH cooler in person and I am actually excited to show in the fantasy class at a show now.

I think the most touching gift I have gotten from a model horse person recently was from my friend Jennifer Buxton. She mentioned she sent me a "little" present in the mail. It arrived today and it is indeed small in size. I would not call it a "little" gift. I opened up the little package (which came with the most adorable card that I totally forgot to take a photo of) and this is what was in it.
As usual when receiving a piece of tack from Jennifer I was awed by all the incredibly detail. I have never seen a stable halter this fancy! It still has tiny tongue buckles with rollers! Stitch marks, buckles on both sides of the crown and under the chin. Then I turned it around...
...and it has a name plate. I was amazed, awed, very touched and I came right home (seriously, I opened it at the mailbox) and got Enchanted Even down and put her in her new halter. Of course it is a perfect fit, looks absolutely gorgeous on her and is just so amazing.

This is not a "little" gift in my opinion. Eve thinks it's pretty fabulous as well. She is still wearing it and I think she is smugly looking at her shelf-mates and taunting them. What a lucky pony. And I am lucky too, to have such a great friend. Thank you SO much Jennifer for sending me this amazing "little" gift, I love it!


Creations By Mit said...

A great gift, indeed!!!

Braymere said...

It's just a little halter... I'm glad you like it!