Saturday, January 31, 2015

BCS Winter Photo Challenge

So recently Jennifer Buxton posted a winter photo challenge on her blog. Awesome. If you'd like to compete here is a link to the post. I knew that I had to get in on this so I started thinking about my entries. Some of them were easier than others. Plus I wanted to come up with some ideas that were at least a bit original or not what you'd necessarily automatically think of from the prompts. So here we go:

1. Vintage
 My mother had this china horse for a lot of years before I was born. I'd say this is one of the most vintage horses I own. I still have no idea what it is.

2. Nekkid
This photo was from the Breyer vs Yvonne comparison post I did when the Yvonne doll first came out. Yvonne was showing off in this one. Brenda just can't move like that.

3. Scale issues
 I wasn't overly clever with this one.

4. I see spots
As far as I know my "I see spots" entry is (so far) unique. What I see is an OPEN SPOT on my shelf!
5. Unbridled passion
 Come on, who can top a little girl for unbridled passion about her model horses?

6. Rare breed
This is my ultra rare black and pink winged horse (created for me as a Secret Santa gift by Lindy Pinkham). I have never seen another one like it.
7. Portrait
This is my Elecktra doll next to a photo of my real Elecktra.
8. Conga 
Doll conga!
9. The great outdoors
 One of my all time favorite outdoor photos. Enchanted Eve out on the trail.

10. Best in show
Not too clever on this one...

So there are my entries. I hope you enjoyed them and I hope you enter the contest. I have been having a lot of fun seeing what everyone else has come up with.

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