Saturday, October 29, 2022

Salem Night Faire

      Friday afternoon, right after I got out of school, I went and picked Elecktra up. Almost as soon as Travis got home we headed out. It was finally time to go to the Salem Night Faire! Now it didn't start until 5:00, but Salem isn't next door. Normally, it takes a little under 2 hours to get there. But not when your drive takes you through Boston right around the time that rush hour is starting. But it wasn't a bad drive, we didn't have to deal with too much traffic, the GPS took us along the coast so Elecktra got to see the ocean, which apparently she has only seen maybe twice (now I feel like a slacker!). So it was nice. We got to the Salem Pioneer Village a couple of minutes after 6:00 and started circling the parking lot, trying to see if a spot would open up. Eventually I gave up and drove to Salem University, which is where the overflow parking was. But could not figure out where we were supposed to park. So we went back to the Pioneer Village... circled some more, and eventually asked Waze to tell us where parking was. It sent us back to Salem University and I finally saw the parking garage (yup, I totally missed it the first time in). So we parked, walked the half mile back to the Pioneer Village and finally got to Night Faire. We ended up arriving right around 7:00.

     It was awesome!

     There were tons of vendors, including my friend AJ who is the entire reason I knew about the Salem Night Faire and decided we needed to go. There were also many characters, who were also basically living art pieces and fortune tellers. I had some vague concerns before we went that Travis might be a bit nervous because of all the "spooky" characters (some of them are quite spooky) but he thought they were excellent. I think they all have names, but I don't know what they are. 

    One of the spookiest (and most popular) characters, was this guy. Travis and I called him "tall spooky" for obvious reasons. We did not get a fortune, but we did go back to see this guy many times. He was Travis's favorite!
     We stayed at the faire until about 9:00 and then decided that even with our layers we were pretty cold. I also had a long drive ahead of me. If you have never been to The Salem Night Faire, and are anywhere within a reasonable distance of Salem, MA, or will be there near the end of October sometime, I definitely recommend going. It was a fantastic experience!

    I haven't been to Salem in over 20 years, and I have never been to the Pioneer Village. I think I will need to plan another trip in the Spring. There is a lot to see in Salem, lots of history, and Elecktra has never been to the Pirate Museum! We definitely need to fix that.

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