Thursday, January 19, 2023


      I started doing a new thing a few days ago which has completely obsessed me. It has obsessed me so much that I have gathered lots of new supplies for it, watched lots of tutorials, and spent a bunch of time on it. 
     But that is not what we are going to talk about today (but we will soon). Today I am going to talk about momentum. And how this post would have been a lot different if I wrote it yesterday. So we started out 2023 and it has been going quite well for me. I have some very basic goals when it comes to dolls, I just want to try to get 2 a week done. That's not really too much to ask, is it? The short answer is no, that's not too much to ask. The honest answer is, well yes, sometimes that is too much to ask, and sometimes it's not a big deal, and sometimes you can go nuts and get 4 dolls finished in a week, and sometimes... so yeah, it's not a lot, but I have a lot of things going on and sometimes I just get tired and need to nap. And sometimes those naps are sneaky and vicious and don't let go when the timer goes off (because yes, I time my naps). If I had written this post yesterday we would have talked about how I was getting things done, finishing up things from the end of last week, photographing stuff I have been neglecting to photograph and how I was ready to keep the momentum rolling. Today though, we will talk about naps that don't want to quit, and scrolling. Not very interesting, but that is what my afternoon was. I decided to lay down for just 10 minutes, that would be enough to get me moving again. Nope, I was almost totally asleep in 10 minutes, as in, could not figure out what the alarm was for for a few seconds. I must have been much more tired than I thought. So I reset for another 10 minutes, and then another. And then I said to myself that I should stop napping and see about getting up and getting to work... in a few minutes. An hourish later I has scrolled all over Facebook and Instagram and gotten rid of so much "suggested" crap on Instagram and not even made a dent. I hate when my feed is ruined by suggestions I have no interest in. Anyway, I decided to get up and do things. I remembered again that I needed to ship a necklace that sold on etsy. So I started to search for it. Again. And I could not find it. Again. So I made a new one, which is not at all what I wanted to do this afternoon. But I don't like to tell people that I lost a thing that was listed, if I have the ability to remake it, I will. So that happened. And then there was more scrolling trying to find this one post about a certain song, and I didn't find it because all of a sudden all the posts were different crap, usually about bras and shapeware, neither of which I have ever shopped for on Instagram. I am having one of those days when I am apparently not going to get any work done. They happen. To me. 
     But yesterday I did things. I finally got some photos of dolls I finished last week and the week before. I had an order doll in there somewhere too, can't remember if I shared any photos or not, but I can check later (or totally forget) and I was almost done with another doll but not quite, so she didn't get to be in the photo shoot. But these dolls did. 
      The casual doll is done on the Lenna body from KC's Galloping Gals and her hat is removable, I just forgot to get any photos of her with her hat off. The western pleasure doll came to be because I was looking at a piece of fabric I got from my friend Maire and I wanted to take the designs out of it and use them on a western doll. So I did. And it took a long time but it was fun to do. 
     This casual doll is not fancy, but she's ready to do ranch stuff, hang out at the barn, ride, clean, or live in a 1:9 scale dollhouse. Or your studio. As I mentioned, her hat is removable. This lady is available for $220. I am not listing her anywhere else. If she sells, super. If not she will hang out here until my live sale which I am planning for the end of March. 

     This western doll was pretty awesome and I really did have an excellent time making her. She is also available, $240 and the same deal as the casual doll, she is not getting listed anywhere else. I still need to go through all of my stuff and see what I want to put in the sale. Because half the point is to sell things from my personal collection because I have too much stuff I am not using. And I am not a black hole collector. Sometimes I wish I was and then I realize I don't have space for that. 
     So yesterday I had all sorts of momentum and I got out a bunch of doll heads, both haired and not, and a pair of hands, and I did some painting. So now I have several faces done and I got some gloves finished and I felt like I was all set to keep on going today... and then I decided to take a nap for "just" 10 minutes. Sometimes things don't work out the way we plan. 
     Today was a really excellent day at school. Lots of smiles and energy, even though the kid told me they were tired when I asked. Things went smoothly and quickly, and I literally got paid to work out. A few times. Not only did I go and work with a kid in the fitness room (where I did all the things I asked them to do) but we then went to PE and did some more stuff, and there was dancing and so on. I love my job. Now if only the momentum of the awesome day had carried over to doll work. Oh well, maybe I will just go and read a book. 

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timaru star ii said...

That is, indeed, a beautiful Western Pleasure doll. I am reminded of the old Sergeants color coordinations. Turquoise and gold on a horse with gold (not much red, if any) in its coat for this one!

It's ok to sleep during a nap. Your body knows what it needs, sometimes better than you do.

Congrats on work!