Saturday, October 21, 2023

It's Been a Minute

     It's been a bit since I have posted. I have been extremely tired lately, and I don't know if that is from not getting great sleep, which I am not, if it's from the very challenging days we often have in school, which we have, or if it's the seasons changing. I just know I am tired. I have been working on dolls, and I post them usually on my studio page on Facebook. I think also on MH$P, but I may have forgotten to do that a few times. These little barnrat kids are the latest dolls I finished. They are both still available. 
     This week was all working on jewelry and things related to jewelry. I have a festival this weekend, in Simsbury, CT, where I will be selling. It's at The Bell and Raven if you are interested in stopping by. It's frustrating that it is supposed to rain all weekend. So the entire festival will be inside. But getting stuff from the car, into the space, is not going to be a dry affair. I'll just have to be quick I guess. 
     This hunt seat lady is also available. She has an ad with a lot more photos on MH$P. 
     I have some pretty excellent friends. Recently, one of them super politely called me out for not running. It was done in such a way that I couldn't possibly get defensive about it. He asked if I had been running lately and I said no, I haven't. He asked why not and I said because I get home from school and have to work in my studio because I need to make money since everything is expensive. He said that sounds like excuses. I said they are excuses. He reminded me that I probably would feel better if I started running again, I loved it so much after all. Well crap, how can you argue with that? So last Sunday I started running again. It was hard, since it really has been since about April since I did any running. But I managed 2 incredibly slow miles, and posted about it on Instagram. Another friend messaged to see if I wanted an accountability buddy. I almost said no, because if you have an accountability buddy you actually have to do the thing you say you are going to do, because they will be checking in. So I said yes, since clearly it is way too easy to make excuses not to run. 
    Tuesday I ended up doing 1/3 of a mile SPRINT through the school after a student. I only know how far it was because I measured the distance the next day. I was impressed I went that fast, for that long, I usually can't go that fast for that long of a distance. Or even slow for that much of a distance all at once (right now, I will get there) but when you need to chase a kid, sometimes what you can normally do, or not do, goes right out the window. It felt like a reminder from the universe that I really need to get back into training. 
    Other than being really tired and not getting amazing sleep, things have been pretty good. School is going well, and even with the variety of challenges we have, my team works really well together. If we have an issue, everyone just knows what to do, without the teacher having to say what we should do or where we should be. She took note of that last week when there seemed like there would be an issue. It's nice to be part of a team that works so seamlessly together. And it's nice to have the acknowledgment that we are doing great things. 
    So no doll work happened this week since I was prepping for the festival, but this week, or next week, I am going to be back to focusing on dolls. It's really not that far until Black Friday and I am planning on holding another live sale. I do have a bunch of dolls and saddlebags, but I would like to have more dolls, and more of a variety of miniature items to offer. So what would everyone like to see for miniature items? I am not totally sure what I want to make and I am open to suggestions. 

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