Friday, May 17, 2024

Friday Musings (and Dolls)

      So this random rhetorical question is for anyone that normally sells things. Have you ever wondered what happened to a thing you were pretty sure you had, but couldn't find. Did you assume, after a while, that you had sold it and forgotten to mark it down? Did you ever then randomly drop something from a shelf and have to go searching your surfaces and all of a sudden you found the thing you thought you sold? That happened to me today. So let me back up a bit. 

      When I saw the class list for the Stone Art of the Horse show, I was pretty sure I had to enter. There is an entire division for dolls, which has NEVER happened at any show that I have been aware of. I was already excited and starting to plan when Erin tagged me and said I should come. I knew that entries for the show went on sale today, so I checked when I saw a post about Equilocity, but all that was there was the entry for Country Fair. OK, I would check later... but then Erin sent me a PM (I should tell her just how much I appreciated that!) to say that entries were open and filling fast. So, during PE, between counting kids (we count kids any time we are outside, or just in PE in general) I entered the Art of the Horse show. I have not been to a live show since 2019. And now I am going to show dolls, lol. But I do own some horses, and some of them are even nice. And they are small, small is good. I am not that into halter showing, but if I am already going to be at the show, I might as well show some horses. I think I have about 15 minis and micros that are worth bringing to a show. So that is what I will do. I don't know that I have ever been excited about a halter show, performance is my thing, but I am kind of excited to show some horses. And seeing as I don't have the high intensity of showing performance I will have time to visit with people. And I love that. 

     You might be wondering how entering a horse show has anything at all to do with finding a thing you thought you sold. Well, while I was looking at the micro/minis shelf to see just how many tiny horses I had that were nice enough to show in halter I dropped one. Because of course I did. I need to now look it over and make sure it's still nice enough to show. But I have had good luck with micros. They don't seem to break as easily as any other horses. At least the pewter ones don't. Anyway, I was looking for the base for my circus pony and I looked behind the TV in the studio... and found a doll I thought I sold! So now I kind of feel like an idiot and I am thoroughly confused. I have absolutely no idea how the doll, with her hat (but not on her head) got behind the TV at all. I am the only one that goes in that room at all. It is a mystery. But now I have another doll. 

     This week I was incredibly productive. I made a driving doll, a saddleseat doll, and two hoodie dolls. And I found a casual western doll. The 2 hoodie dolls are for sale and so is the newly-found casual western doll. Each of them is $220 plus shipping. The western lady comes with her hat she is holding. I can make a removable helmet for the hoodie doll that is wearing breeches for an extra charge. Email me at if you are interested. PMing me on Facebook works too. 

    So now I have a dilemma. I mostly only name performance horses, because I don't usually name horses that aren't going to be shown. I now potentially need to come up with 15 horses names that I don't hate. I may have to do some posts about those horses and ask for help. 

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timaru star ii said...

Oh for time, since I do love naming horses. Every one of my herd of 300+ has a name and some have several. But I'm out on a birding vacation and have little time save a bit in the evenings. Well, we'll just have to see. I notice that FB usually can name horses better than I can, so you shouldn't have much trouble.