Saturday, January 17, 2009

New Web site!

Oh I Love new things. I just bought my domain name and started work on my new website. The fun of "new" should last a little while at least so I can keep things updated. Sooner or later though I will forget and there won't be anything new for awhile. And then I will remember to add some new pictures and maybe a new page. I am thinking of putting in a gallery of winners with pictures from live shows where a set-up with one of my dolls placed well. That should be fun. I guess I could always start with my own. This first photo was actually a couple of firsts for me. It was the first time I showed in harness and I got my first NAN card in harness and then my first top five in harness as well. The dashing young man holding the reins also works as a judge for me and sometimes an Arabian handler. It was his first time driving but he looks so confident you can't tell :)

This next doll is really special as well. Not only is he a doll that I dressed he also has a sculpted head made by the talented Liesl Dalpe. This was the first time I had tried any cow classes and "Bill" brought me a first in cutting and then also a top 5. It was a good day for showing. I think he needs a lady friend. And more cows!
So perhaps I will add a page for the gallery of winners. I think it would be a fun idea and I would get to see more of my dolls in action. I do get to see some of them if they are at the same shows where I am, but it would be nice to see more.
For right now the site has a new homepage, the prices and policies page, a guestbook and a doll gallery page. There are separate albums for Western, English and Other dolls. Not every doll I have ever made is in them, but I tracked down several photos that show a wide variety of my work. I will most likey add more in the future. The English album might stay on the small side. There is not a lot of point in putting in all the hunt seat dolls as most of them look the same. Though the saddle seat dolls are usually (but not always) a bit different from one another, and there are other types of English dolls. The Western album will probably grown and grow. All the cowgirls are pretty different from one another, though cowboys are all similar to each other since there is not a lot of variety in what they wear. But fashions change and maybe the clothes the cowboys wear will change as well.
So if anyone is interested you can go to and check out the new site. So many changes coming to the Field of Dolls Studio. I got a new phone number, a new studio name, now a new website. This fall I will also be changing my name since I am getting married. I thought it would be a good idea to make the changes a little at a time. And it's something to keep me busy in all my "down time". Lol, I have 2 kids, I don't get down time. But I can dream :)

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