Monday, March 15, 2010

Working away

The backlog is done and most of the official customer orders as well. I am not totally stop taking custom orders but I think I will take a break from advertising for custom orders. I ran 2 sales recently, one in December and one in January and while they brought in business they also cost me a lot. That and the donation doll I already have done for the Mary Kay foundation (totally worth it, she brought in $230 for the foundation!) and the several donation dolls I have in the semi-near future...I need to stop giving everything away I think, lol.
So this is the newest doll to come out of my studio. She's fairly simple to reflect the current trend in the show ring. But still sparkly because I like that sort of thing :) I think I will also have a couple of saddle seat dolls for sale in the near future. They can be a lot of fun.

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SheMovedtoTexas said...

I love your saddleseat dolls. Makes me wish I had a saddleseat set!