Saturday, June 26, 2010


As anyone that has been reading my blog for awhile knows, I love boating. Last September when Ethan and I were honeymooning in Newport we went sailing, which was a new boating experience for both of us and lots of fun. Since I don't have a sailboat or access to one I had to do something different. I also need to be able to bring both the kids with me so kayaking is pretty much out. So we bought an inflatable boat. The only inflatables I have had experience with are the cheapy ones you get for $20 and if you look at them funny they get a hole in them and are no good anymore. This one is very nice, sturdy and safe to put my kids in. Elecktra had to go to piano so Travis and I took the maiden voyage alone in the new Seahawk 2. We went over to RedBridge pond in Ludlow and went from the red bridge (how the pond got it's name) almost all the way to the stone bridge maybe a mile or more away.
I don't have any idea how far it is. I do know that I could not get the camera to work so the pictures I have are ones Ethan took from his kayak and a stock photo of the boat. Which is unfortunate because Travis was looking very cool for the trip. He had a good time just hanging out and then splashing almost the entire return trip. That was fine since it was hot and being splashed felt nice. I rowed for almost 2 hours straight and enjoyed every bit of it. I plan on giving my muscles a break for a few days and then getting out on the water again. This time I will put both kids in the boat and see how we do.

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