Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Several months back I got an email about donating to NAN. It was pretty exciting since I know the prestige that has always gone to being asked to donate to the NAN auction. Upon reading the email I discovered that things were not quite as they first seemed. The new format is making it possible for more people to showcase their work at NAN and to help support the show. It was a small disappointment but I have donated to lots and lots of shows. However I have donated more than I should so I probably won't be doing any more for awhile. This could be one of the last doll donations I make. Certainly for this year.
Though it was mildly disapointing to see that I was not asked to donate because of my awesome talent (btw, that is to be funny in case someone doesn't know me that well, lol) I was happy to help support the show (and Lauren Wood is a friend and the auction/raffle coordinater). Maybe one of these days I will actually get to attend a NAN. Yes, some day far into the future, lol!

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