Thursday, January 31, 2013

My 500th doll

On Tuesday I finished my 500th doll. These days I only take photos once a week so I had to wait a bit to have time to dig out the pieces of the photo tent, the lights and set everything up. And as usual the photos are better than my photos ever were in the past but don't showcase the doll as she is in real life. I swear, she is MUCH nicer in person.
I wanted to do something really spectacular for my 500th doll. After all, it's a pretty big milestone. So I searched around and found the reference photo for this doll's top. I didn't make it exactly the same but I based it on a real show top. And to make her fancier still I gave her a bendy neck.
The cross on the back is all done in glittery Swarovski crystals. You wouldn't know it by the photos though. Anything that look sort of like a silver nail head is actually a crystal.
So as not to distract too much from the elaborate pattern on the back of her top I made the front simpler. It's still pretty fancy though. I really wanted this lady to be worthy of being the 500th doll. And now I don't really want to sell her :)


Braymere said...

Five hundred dolls... the mind boggles.

Seriously, though--congratulations!

Field of Dolls Studio said...

Thanks!It's been over 6 years that I have worked up to that number but still, it seems really big me me too. I have at least one picture of every one of those dolls and have had a lot of fun over the years :)

Cristina Brown said...

Well done and congrats!

She really does look fantastic, the detailing is just amazing...I'd want to keep her too! :)

Chris said...

That many? You deserve a round-of-applause for creating and finishing your 500th doll this year! Do you think, maybe, you could take a “class photo” of each batch? Let’s say, the first 100 dolls down to the last. It would be awesome to feature that in your blog.

Chris Jeffery

Field of Dolls Studio said...

unfortunately I don't have (or have access to) most of the dolls. I have a handful that I use for myself and a local friend has 23 (or something like that) that I made. I do group photos every now and then though. I love those!

RiderWriter said...

I am not generally a fan of Western pleasure attire, but holy cow, I LOVE that top! She is fannnn-tastic. I hope you did/do wind up keeping her for yourself. :-)

Field of Dolls Studio said...

So far she's still mine. Was playing with her today as a matter of fact :)