Friday, April 19, 2013

Getting Better

I'm still not happy with the fact that I HAVE to sculpt heads or be forced to use giant heads on my dolls. But I have a few face molds and am getting better at putting the faces together with a head and adding ears and so on. Adding ears is something I often forget to do. But if you happen to own and incredibly hot hair dryer (like I do) you can cook on a tiny ear if you forget to make one. Or if you realize the ears you put on in the first place are lopsided and you have to take one off and sculpt a new one. I'm still not ecstatic with these heads but they are certainly nicer than if I tried to just sculpt them (still can't sculpt lady faces) and I think they are much preferable to giant heads. I do now have a few giant heads if anyone is interested. I also still have some normal sized factory heads.
The fun thing about cast the faces and molding the heads onto them is that no head is ever going to be exactly like another. Just the process of taking the face out of the mold and smoothing the seem where you added the head is going to change things a bit. This lady below came out of the mold with a toothy smile. I gently closed up her mouth before baking and she looks very different. Differences in painting will also make each one unique. I don't like the fact that I HAVE to sculpt heads but I do like the variety.


Braymere said...

I totally get that you're not thrilled about having to create your own heads, but WOW! They look great. I like the variety, too. It's nice not having all the dolls look the same.

Field of Dolls Studio said...

Is it really that obvious that I don't like making heads, lol? At least the effort is appreciated. That makes it a little easier to keep on going.

Braymere said...

Well... It's pretty obvious! And I don't blame you really. I'm not an expert on the model horse doll market but I suspect that sculpting individual heads adds a lot of time to each doll without much financial gain on the other side. I'd be grumpy about it, too.

Unknown said...

You're outfits for the dolls are truly amazing. Do you think that there's any way that you could write a post about making clothes/patterns?

Thanks, Devon