Tuesday, November 5, 2013

TRXC CM performance

This past weekend was the the region X championship show (TRXC). Not only did I have my big yearly doll sale but I also did a decent amount of showing. Here are my placings of the day:

 Bootlegger won champion in patterned performance stakes
 Hurricane Deck won reserve champion in Action western stakes.
McQueen got a top 5 in the Action English stakes (even though I forgot the gate piece for my jump)

and then McQueen also got top five in games
 Enchanted Eve won reserve champion in the pleasure stakes
 and then a top 5 in the trail stakes
 Caramel Latte got a top top in the other performance stakes
 and Flash in the sky got reserve champion in the other performance stakes.
 Lady Liberty is the only OF horse I brought and she only showed in one class in the OF performance stakes. She got a top 5 for her showmanship entry (and in the open show she got one more NAN card towards her superior event horse award...almost there).
 Cranky Pants received a top 5 in the costume stakes. My plan is to redress the doll so she looks nicer. I had nothing to do with the creation of this Native American costume and I don't even know who made it. I do know that it is stunning and intricate and I love it very much.

I did get some nice placings in the open show but I did also mess up several things because my mind was wandering or I was distracted by something else. It was a fun day and my horses did very well. I even stayed for halter day. Maybe some photos tomorrow.

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