Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The TRXC doll sale

   Every year region X has a championship show in November. The region X championship show (TRXC) is a slightly scaled down open show with stakes classes. It's a lot of fun and also a wonderful place for me to try to sell dolls.
   Every year I mean to get started early. Like July. But somehow that doesn't happen. I might make a doll and put it away for the sale in November but then I might take it back out and sell it on ebay (that happened at least 4 times this year) or I might offer the dolls in trade if I find something I want and people are interested in a trade. If I started in July and didn't sell and trade the dolls getting a good stock of finished dolls ready would be pretty easy. But things don't work out that way. My lofty goal for this year was to have 20 dolls to bring to the sale. I did it. And I even got to take most of the week before the show off. Here is what I ended up with:

Black and white western pleasure doll (sold)
 upper level dressage doll (part of a trade)
 western pleasure cowboy (available for sale)

 red and black western pleasure doll (sold)
 royal blue and black casual/working cowboy (donation for Miami Valley Live)
 Super bendy cowboy. He has bendy arms, legs and neck. (available for sale)
 Youth doll in gray coat (available for sale)
 Casual English lady on the Breyer body (available for sale)
 Yvonne hunt seat doll in navy blue (sold)
 Yvonne hunt seat doll in black coat (available for sale)
 Yvonne side saddle doll (possibly sold)
 casual/working Yvonne in royal blue (available for sale)
 green western pleasure Yvonne (sold)
aqua western pleasure Yvonne (sold)
gray and pink saddle seat doll (sold)

 turquoise and black showmanship doll (taken for my personal collection)
 royal blue, black and white western pleasure Yvonne (available for sale)
 casual hunt seat Yvonne (sold)
 youth hunt seat doll in navy blue (sold)

western pleasure Yvonne in tan, blue and yellow (sold)

It is a lot of work and many long days as the show day nears to get ready for my big TRXC sale. But it's also fun to meat a big goal and have a good variety of dolls for people to play with. Maybe next year I will start early and not sell or trade the finished pieces. Stranger things have happened.


Creations By Mit said...

Congrats on meeting your goal and all your sales!!! The dolls are awesome!!! (And a lot of them were gone before I even got to see!)

timaru star ii said...

I really like your year-end summary. Congratulations on such a lot of work! There but for the grace... I hadn't realized quite how much variety there is to dolls.

Field of Dolls Studio said...

These are just the dolls make specifically for TRXC. I think this year I have made at least 150 dolls so far...maybe more.

Unknown said...

How much are you asking for the super bendy cowboy?
My email is lazyhcustomtack@att.net

By the way your work is outstanding!!