Sunday, November 16, 2014

Human Trafficking

    I'm in human trafficking. 
    Don't freak out, it just means I sell dolls. But if you read my blog or know me at all you already know that. I've actually been selling dolls since 2007. I have never yet been to NAN to do room sales or to Breyerfest to do the artisans gallery. Some day maybe. What I do get to do every year is sell all weekend at The Region X Championships (TRXC). There is nothing quite as fun as seeing the people who are buying your work. My first weekend sales were at Region X Regionals which was the first incarnation of the annual championship show that region X holds. 

    In 2008 people played with the dolls. A lot.
 The dolls were dancing.


and being sweet to each other. Among other things. Since everyone was so into playing with the dolls that year I got a swing-set for them to play with the next year.
There really wasn't much playing as I recall.

   This year I had all sorts of things for sale. I had dolls as usual but also extra chaps, eventing kits, judges kits and miniature food items. I love making the miniature food. It's a fun distraction from regular doll making stuff.
And in the end while I do enjoy making other things I will always first be into human trafficking.

It makes me happy and seems to make other people happy too.

*note* top photo was by Jennifer Buxton. Used with permission. Brenda Bednar posed for the first and last photo so I could have them for this post.


Unknown said...

I love your trafficked humans! ;)

Brenda B said...

LOLOL It was first thing in the morning and I didn't realize that my hair hadn't dried yet. Next time I'll be sure to use the hair dryer in the room before I leave for the hall. LOLOL

I actually bought TWO dolls from Anne that day. I love ALL the dolls she's made that I've been lucky enough to grab onto. Thanks for my new High Action Western cowboy doll "Ben". And my new gaming doll, she's awesome!

Brenda Bednar :)