Monday, January 4, 2016

A milestone is coming

This morning I updated my book of finished doll photos and realized I have made 942 dolls as of this moment. Cool. Last year I made 135 dolls. I made 145 dolls in 2014. I knew it felt like 2015 was a slacking year. The point is though I am 58 dolls away from 1000. That is a huge milestone for me and one I have been looking forward to. I should reach that most likely before the end of April (if we rely on averages). That also is very exciting to me.
    There is no way I could have made it to nearly 1000 dolls and 9 years of doll making without all of my wonderful customers. Whether you ordered one doll one time or several dolls several times I appreciate all of your business. And now here is the exciting part for you. Starting right now everyone who places an order will get their name entered in a drawing. If you order one doll you get your name in once. If you order more than one you get your name in once for every doll you order. And once I reach 1000 dolls I will put all those names in a hat and pull one out and that person will receive a FREE doll! I know I love free stuff and winning so I thought this was great. I have been wanting to do a drawing for a free doll for awhile but wanted to wait for something really special. The 1000 doll milestone is it.
    Thank you again for all the years of helping me keep Field of Dolls Studio going. Now to see if we can make 2016 the best year ever!



Sweetwater Farms said...

Congratulations on nearing such an impressive milestone in the massive world of model horse collecting & showing! Clearly your achievement is more than just a number...Just think of the number, nearing 1,000, of happy buyers your dolls may well have been the crowning touch for! Your work is wonderful! For as many years as I've been collecting your work I have never been disappointed, & have noticed that as beautiful, realistic & functionally as each of the dolls now residing here are, they only continue to get even better as time passes. Thanks, Anne!! You & your work is appreciated~

Field of Dolls Studio said...

Thank you SO much Laurie! I have appreciated your business over the years. I hope to continue to improve with each new doll :)

Brenda M. Bednar said...

Congratulations! This is so exciting and I am proud to have so many of your dolls helping my horses win! Thank you for sharing your talents with us. It's always exciting to get a new doll commissioned and then to see how wonderfully you bring them to life. I wait eagerly for the announcement of the 1000th doll. Have you thought about about publishing a book of all the dolls you've created? I would buy it!

Brenda B. :)

Field of Dolls Studio said...

Thanks Brenda! I don't know if anyone else would be into a dolls-I've made book. Not all of the photos were even very good :)I'm pretty excited about the 1000 dolls. Now to keep getting them made so I can get closer and closer!

Sandy Lyles said...

Awesome Anne!

Elk Star Ranch Artwork said...

Awesome - I love your dolls! Congrats!! What a milestone.