Sunday, December 18, 2022

So many Breyers

   Last year I was all in with Breyer. Well, not all-all in, but a lot more in than I have ever been. I joined the premier club, and the stablemate club. I also was in both the clubs last year. Last year I actually really liked several of the offerings. This year I ended up disappointed with all the offerings. Does that mean that I don't think the models are nice? Not at all, I think they are lovely, and if I was actually an OF collector, or a halter shower, I might want to keep many of the lovely horses that I was offered. But, as everyone should know, my tastes run to performance showing, with a side of enjoying a handful of mini models just for their looks. None of the premiere club models this year fit into any of the types of performance showing that I do, and I guess once I knew what the second and third models were I should have just not purchased them. I still have Constantia (the standardbred) available, at cost, if anyone is interested.
     The final offering in the club was Anamar. He is quite pretty, but not a horse I need for my very small collection. 
     When he arrived I unpacked him to make sure he didn't have any insane flaws and to pull out the club stablemate that was included with him. I took these two quick photos and wrapped him back up. I wasn't going to push a sale at this time of year, but when I got a message asking if I was selling one, I worked out a sale. So one of the extra horses will be heading to a new home soon.
    I don't know if the premier club bonus model has a name, or if he's just Georg with a new paintjob. But I have one. He is a very nice model, and I like him and like looking at him. But I don't need to keep him. 
     This is the same color as my gamblers choice Atli. Atli was the only one of the stablemate club offerings that I really wanted to keep this year. I loved the color I got... and then he sat in the box on the table for weeks. So when someone asked me if I was selling mine, I decided to let him go. Georg (or whatever name he is going by) is also for sale. He really is quite a lovely model. 
   The last offering for the 2022 stablemate club models is Kit. Kit is cute, but also not one I need, and I haven't even opened the box yet. I probably should. But Kit is also available for sale. 
    The last model we'll talk about today is Helios. He is the 2022 stablemate club optional bonus model. And for some reason, I decided to purchase this optional model. I am not entirely sure what possessed me to do that, since I don't need him at all, but he is here too, hanging out in his unopened box next to Kit. He's also for sale. 

     I am still planning on holding a live sale somewhere around my birthday (end of March) with a variety of things from my personal collection. Horses, tack, maybe dolls (from my personal collection and new ones if I have them ready). There could be some props and things as well. I am not leaving the hobby. I have just decided again that since I am not participating in things much I can have a lot less stuff. I have a lot of stuff. If there are any horses you are looking for from the stablemate club this year, or Constantia, let me know, I likely still have them. 

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