Saturday, December 10, 2022

Worth the Wait

    At some point I worked out a trade with Kimberly Bleecker for the paintwork for my Little Leggs resin. I have not been super into collecting lately, as has been obvious by all the posts that say I have not been super into collecting lately, but when I got these photos from Kim (photos used with permission) I was thrilled! I hadn't been in any kind of hurry for the horse since I don't show halter and currently am not even showing at all. Once I saw the photos I was definitely more in a hurry to see him in person.
Photo by Kimberly Bleecker

     Keep in mind that this is a stablemate scale model. I am amazed at the detail packed into this little guy! I don't have anything in my (small) collection, and never have, that comes close to this color. He's absolutely gorgeous! When I saw these photos I was very excited and could not wait for him to arrive. 
Photo by Kimberly Bleecker

    Well, poor Little Leggs was damaged in shipping and suffered 2 broken ears. I was super sad and was going to put the ears back on... and then one disappeared into the abyss as I was trying to pick it up with the tweezers to make sure I had the correct angle to get the ear on. It just flew away. I have no idea if it ended up mixing with some different floor debris that needed to be swept, if it made it's way down into the heat vent. But no matter where it ended up, it was gone. I don't have the skills to remake an ear, or even do an ear transplant from a donor model. So I contacted Kim with the bad news and she said she would fix him.  
     It took a while for Kim to get to him, she was busy, the time of year is busy, and things just happen. But yesterday Little Leggs showed up again. And he is all fixed and still totally amazing! But now he has whole ears!
     I don't know actually know how long I waited from the start of the deal until now. But I do know that this little horse is totally worth the wait. I don't currently have a name for him, but I am sort of feeling something along the lines of ___________ Worth the Wait. We'll see. I am open to suggestions.


Anonymous said...

Long time no See or Waiting for me? Or Charlie. He looks like a Charlie. Maybe Songbird?

timaru star ii said...

Worth The Wait is a fine name. If you still want to explore a different but connected way to come up with an name, try anagramming it (rearranging the letters). I once anagrammed "Lady Pepper" into "Pearly Depp." Alas, those 3 ts and 2 ws are going to be troublesome! My first few tries turned up 'the raw howitt'... h'hhmmm...

You could just call him Quitamanchas [key-ta-mon-chuhss] meaning spot remover...

Anonymous said...

Oh I got one more: Wait A While and I'm So Worth it. Congratulations,that is so pretty!!! And it's a stablemate?!🤤