Friday, September 8, 2023

Perspective, Proportions, and Scale.

     Last weekend I sold a variety of tack, dolls, and other hobby items. Some of that was because I have not shown in years and I don't necessarily need a whole lot of stuff hanging around I am not using. Some of my sale was because I need a new oil tank, or perhaps a furnace conversion (so potentially new furnace), I am waiting on some quotes to see which is the better option. Either of them is going to be expensive. So I sold several things to help pay for whatever my new or repaired heating source is going to be. Some of the things I sold were this English tack set, which was made to fit Newsworthy, and this 6" Yvonne type doll that fits really nicely in this saddle. I made the doll to be an adult and on my customized Stone pony she pretty much looks like an adult on a pony. 
     For reference, this is me on "my" (my friend Marisa's) pony, Bronte. I feel like this looks like an average height woman (I am 5'6") on a pony. Because it is. Whereas I feel the 6" Yvonne on the custom Stone pony makes the pony look too big to be a pony. Or maybe she is perfect and I am overthinking it. 
     Sara Bowman took these photos of the same tack set and doll on her unpainted Pocket Change resin. Pocket Change is a small traditional scale horse and the set fits just as nicely on him as on a Newsworthy, or a Stone pony. I also feel that because of the proportions of this model are horse proportions, and not pony proportions, you could mistake this for an average traditional scale model and a regular 8" Yvonne type doll. I do also understand that there are some ponies that have horse proportions so please don't come at me to educate me. 
     Now for some reason from this side I feel like this looks more like an adult woman on a pony. A big pony, to be sure, not a children's pony, but a pony. That brings us back to perspective. Something about this angle makes me see this as a pony again. If I saw documentation that said it was a pony, I would believe it. Though if there was documentation that fit and told me this was a horse I would believe that too. 
     Here we are again with Pocket Change. Even from this side this looks to me like a regular 8" Yvonne doll on an average sized resin horse. They look really great together. I can't wait to see how this all looks when Sara gets this horse painted!
     One of the hardest things performance showers face is finding things that are properly in scale. There is no exact standard for traditional scale, or any other scale. It's true that not all live horses and ponies are the same size, but the wide variety of sizes, all in the same scale, definitely make tack fitting, and getting riders of the correct size, a bit more challenging. I love how well this worked out for Sara. Some traditional pony tack fit on her small traditional resin, and the 6" Yvonne dolls work perfectly with the tack and the size of the horse. I love when things work out this way. And I really love when everything in a setup is in scale. 

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