Friday, March 29, 2024

Feliz cumpleaños

     Aprendo español. El español es confuso, Los verbos son difíciles. Hoy es mi cumpleaños. Me siento cinco años en mi cumpleaños. Yo siempre encanta me cumpleaños. Yo vimos bebo un café con me hijo. Fue muy divertido. 
     And for anyone who doesn't speak Spanish I will translate. I said; I am learning Spanish. Spanish is confusing. Verbs are hard. Today is my birthday. I feel 5 years old on my birthday. I always love my birthday. I went to have coffee with my son. It was very fun. 
    I think 4 of the last 6 people I wished a happy birthday to I did it in Spanish (because they speak Spanish) so I thought I would do it for myself today. Sometimes I feel I am not learning much. Then I realize that I can often pull what I want to say out of the dim recesses of my brain. Usually if I am not rushed (so, if I am talking to myself, lol) or if it is short. A veces necasito ayuda. (sometimes I need help) and I am sure sometimes my Spanish sucks. But disfruto el español. (I enjoy Spanish). I like learning new things.
     I know that some people enjoy when I post random things about my life. So I figured I would share some of the pink things I got for my birthday. My work family got me this really amazing pink coffee maker. I have been wanting it because it is a very cool 3-in-1. It does K-cups, ground coffee, or loose leaf tea. I have a pretty decent collection of loose leaf tea but I don't have a great tea ball for it and I got tired of drinking bits of herbs in, so I haven't been drinking it. Now I have been enjoying it because I am not drinking leaves. 
    I was also given this really amazing travel mug, by one of my work family (she said she couldn't help it, she had to get it for me) that is not appropriate for school. If you are offended by profanity, do not zoom in on this mug, lol. It is my sweary mug and it is completely awesome! I also got a set of solar pink flamingos from Crystal and Mommy. But I didn't get them set up in time for them to charge so I didn't take a photo of them. But I likely will soon. 
     Today we didn't have school so I went out to visit with Crystal and Mommy. And it was fantastic. Crystal and I went to lunch and I was really good and I didn't eat anything I shouldn't. Even though it's my birthday. I started easing back into working out and eating a bunch of junk food isn't going to help my efforts. So I didn't do it. And I was happy about that. 
     When Travis got home we went to Barnes and Noble and had our coffee date. When we came home I watched a show in Spanish. It's a good thing I can read fast because not only did I not catch all the words, I don't know all the words. But I did actually understand a good amount. I really am learning, even if I wish I could learn faster. I would love to have an actual conversation with someone in Spanish. I could, but not a very interesting one. 
     I did some doll work this week, but my car was in the shop and I spent some time bringing it in, waiting, doing errands (in a super sweet free rental they gave me) and then picking up my car. I did manage to finish a doll this week, but only just one. I haven't even gotten photos of her yet. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next week. I had a nice week and a really nice birthday. And I still have 2 more days before I have to go back to work and then 2 weeks before April vacation. I am looking forward to that. 

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