Monday, February 1, 2010

Waiting for Spring

I don't like winter. When I was a kid snow was fun because you could go sledding, build a fort, etc. Now snow is just cold, makes getting around hard and we haven't had good fort/snowman snow very often in recent years. You can't build anything with the light powdery stuff no matter how much of it there is.
Last Monday it was just about 60 degrees. Then 2 days later is was 9 degrees. I hate New England. So it's not time to put away the winter things yet. Even my dog has a coat (and she likes it, lol!). It's hard to be warm and look cute but she pulls it off.
Winter doesn't inspire me to do lots of new projects but I am plugging along. I have a very special doll in the works and I will post photos and her story when she is all done. I am also working on customer orders. I am a bit behind but not horribly so. Hopefully tomorrow the groundhog will decide we finally get an early Spring. I can't wait for it to be warm enough to open a window and not freeze.

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Anonymous said...

Not a big fan of the cold either! So we are in the same boat. When I become independently wealthy I'm going to be a snowbird ;)

Stay warm,
Lee Ann