Thursday, February 18, 2010

Western dolls

I haven't finished anything in a bit and it has been making me crazy. Part of the reason for that is I have been working on a very large number of dolls all at the same time. Some of that was boredom (I hate the winter) and the need to change things up a bit (working doll-making like an assembly line is a bit different) and some of it was and still is the lack of materials. I am so low on black and brown skiver it is very challenging to make any boots. Rio Rondo was out last time I checked as well. *gasp* what do I do now?! So I found a leather dealer on eBay that had lots of super thin, undyed skiver. I asked that he sent me the thinnest possible. I got it in and it is wonderful stuff, very thin and I won't run out for a long time. The problem is the prismacolor markers I use for coloring small bits of leather, (they don't leave an iridescent sheen) like English boot bottoms, isn't good for coloring the larger portions that are needed to make the rest of the boot. *sigh* so I ordered some black and brown dye and am waiting for that to come in. While I wait I have been working on bits and pieces of lots of dolls. But yesterday I decided I needed a positive boost and had to finish something. So I finished 3 somethings.
I ended up taking a shortcut on the cowboy and just cutting down some plastic boots for him (I may keep him for myself so that's OK...) and the ladies both have Ultrasuede boots. Not my favorite for boot making but they match the chaps perfectly.
The cowboy has been slow to get finished because I have been considering keeping him. I put him near my saddle pad and realized his shirt was a great match. Now I have to think if I am going to keep him or not. Hmmm.... Today I am hoping to finish up another batch of dolls. I have one more western pleasure doll that is pretty close to done so she might get finished. And then I have 4 English dolls of different varieties to finish up. I don't think I have enough skiver to do them all but I am going to try. Besides that I need to hair a bunch of heads. Maybe I can get all of that done today. That would be fun.

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